2020 NSW Year 7 Selective High School Key Dates

Following is the table for the key dates of 2020 NSW Year 7 Selective High School entrance.

mid-January 2020Authority to attend letter sent to applicants enrolling at the school in Year 7 in 2020
27 February 2020Test authority letter is sent to candidates for entry in 2021
12 March 2020Selective High School Placement Test for entry in 2021
26 March 2020Requests for consideration of illness/misadventure submitted by applicants
26 April 2020Last day to change selective high school choices for entry in 2021
4 July 2020Placement outcomes sent overnight for entry in 2021
22 July 2020Parents send appeals to primary principals
29 July 2020Principals submit appeals to the Team
early August 2020Reserve list progress is updated on the website

This information is obtained from the NSW Department of Education’s website.

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