High Rise Schools in Australia

The newly reopened Arthur Phillip High School which is a high rise school with a 17-floor building. This is first of the many and with the pressure of the ever-expanding population, high rise schools will be a more common sight in the coming years.

Personally I prefer schools that are only 4 to 5 floor at max, this way it can still easily traversed by stairs rather than having to rely fully on elevators. The newly built Arthur Phillip High School having to stagger each year’s recess and break time. I guess this is to avoid crowding with the stairs and elevators. I am sure most of you had some painful experience with waiting for elevators. Crowded stairs also are really dangerous if not managed correctly.

Arthur Phillip High School is will also have an open-plan environment, this one is very interesting and can potentially a detriment. Anyway, it is good to see the NSW State government making steady investment and progress in dealing with the exploding student population.

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