Proposed Changes to NSW HSC and Syllabus In 2019

I had done way too much over time (not paid) for my day job recently and late to the party to this issue. There had been a lot of different articles on this topic, I am just going to use one as a reference which is Sweeping changes to HSC and syllabus proposed by government review from

I will quote a few lines to summarize the article to give you an idea of what has been proposed.

The biggest rethink of the curriculum in 30 years also suggests paring back primary school content to focus on literacy, numeracy and emotional development, more minimum standards, and a restructure of the syllabus around attainment levels rather than year levels.

In early years, literacy, numeracy and social and emotional development should be “prioritised over other areas of the curriculum and resourced to ensure every student is on track in their learning,” the report said.

Students in the middle years of school should study and meet minimum standards in a
“specified range of subjects” that would include knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. They should also study a language other than English in primary school.

The primary and secondary curriculum should be restructured around so-called ‘attainment levels’, which would create a series of benchmarks against which students’ long-term progress could be measured, independent of their age or year.

Let me use my take, this is simplification and refocus of the current syllabus of both primary and secondary level. I will throw in my opinion based on my own experience of the NSW education system.

First, at the primary level, I think a pretty good job has been done on the literacy side of things. There is a lot of focus from the school put in on the literacy in my kid’s school and similar feedback I get from the other parents in other schools as well. I cannot say the same for the numeracy side of things, there are too many comprehension types of questions and not enough basic skills imparted. Math often turns into a difficult subject for many kids were at the primary level this should not be the case.

Also personally I believe by far the majority of the responsibility for the social and emotional development rests with the parents.

Secondly, at the secondary level, there are definitely too many subjects not enough required basic skills imparted. Up to high school, we should be concentrating on teaching young people the fundamentals like math, computer skills etc.

Take math as an example I meet numerous of people at work that after graduating high school who does not know how to calculate GST portion if something sells for ten dollars. Simple things like that may seem trivial and none important, but can actually make a lot of difference in kind of work people do and how efficient they are done.

Lastly, we need to teach kids how to think and judge things on their own. On subjects such as History, we need to teach the kids why things happen the way they do. Judge and consider things scientifically and objectively.

One thing I noted in the current society of the echoing chamber of the internet, just about everybody just searches and read on the things they like and agrees with which is understandable. However, this merely amplifies one’s existing position rather than understand and learn about another side of the argument. Primary and early secondary schools are rare opportunities that we can shape and influence the kids before they get dump into the deep end of the internet.

This is not just for schools, but mostly for the parents as well, we need to pitch in and do our part if we wish for a better education for our kids.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at the About Us page or leave a comment.

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Miscellaneous Top Ranking Australian Schools

This post is meant to collect all the miscellaneous rankings I do with the Australian schools such as income per student top rank, ICSEA top ranking schools etc.

Top 100 “Richest” Schools in Australia

Australia Top ICSEA Ranked School For 2018

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Top 100 “Richest” Schools in Australia

This is meant to be a fun one, so please do not take it too seriously. I processed the school financial data for 2017 just recently. Looking at the data, I thought I may as well do an entry for this.

A few things to note first regarding this, smaller schools require higher funding to run and this applies to the more remote schools as well. So Oak Valley Aboriginal School in a remote region with 4 students received funding of $280,387 per student. However, these schools are not typical ones in Australia and do not represent the average.

To get a meaningful and more representative look, I have chosen a rather arbitrary enrolment number of 400. I did run the lower enrolment number as well and the main difference being that there are more schools in the remote and regional area as well. The list actually does not look that different.

RankingSchool NameStateSchool SectorGeolocationsTotal EnrolmentsIncome Per Student
1Melbourne Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities1794$51,645
2Sydney Distance Education High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities483$48,109
3Sydney Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities1876$45,891
4St Joseph's CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities1094$41,397
5SCEGGS DarlinghurstNSWIndependentMajor Cities920$41,147
6Christ Church Grammar SchoolWAIndependentMajor Cities1651$40,749
7Ascham SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities1146$40,591
8Farrer Memorial Agricultural High SchoolNSWGovernmentInner Regional594$40,361
9Cranbrook SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities1410$40,348
10The King's SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities1676$40,022
11SHORE - Sydney Church of England Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities1615$38,584
12SCECGS RedlandsNSWIndependentMajor Cities1549$37,501
13Wesley CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities3031$37,208
14Ivanhoe Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities1913$36,761
15Melbourne Girls GrammarVICIndependentMajor Cities946$36,684
16St Catherine's SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities1039$36,145
17KambalaNSWIndependentMajor Cities944$36,095
18MLC SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities1154$36,092
19Barker CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities2103$36,029
20Ruyton Girls' SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities839$35,995
21Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Thamarrurr Catholic C...NTCatholicVery Remote627$35,885
22AbbotsleighNSWIndependentMajor Cities1420$35,711
23St Catherine's SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities689$35,378
24Presbyterian Ladies' College SydneyNSWIndependentMajor Cities1258$35,347
25Newcastle Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities786$35,135
26Queenwood School for GirlsNSWIndependentMajor Cities873$35,106
27Dubbo School of Distance EducationNSWGovernmentInner Regional436$35,035
28Xavier CollegeVICCatholicMajor Cities1961$35,016
29Wenona SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities1081$35,000
30Lauriston Girls' SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities897$34,486
31The Scots CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities1904$34,168
32Methodist Ladies' CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities2034$34,136
33St Ignatius' CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities1576$33,968
34Caulfield Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities3082$33,779
35Scotch CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities1883$33,707
36Ravenswood School for GirlsNSWIndependentMajor Cities1119$33,636
37Scotch CollegeWAIndependentMajor Cities1478$33,582
38Trinity Grammar School KewVICIndependentMajor Cities1381$33,499
39Carey Baptist Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities2248$33,494
40Knox Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities2890$33,456
41Brisbane Grammar SchoolQLDIndependentMajor Cities1698$33,345
42Presbyterian Ladies' CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities1412$33,327
43St Andrew's Cathedral SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities1205$33,251
44Hale SchoolWAIndependentMajor Cities1489$33,222
45St Peter's CollegeSAIndependentMajor Cities1396$33,140
46Pymble Ladies' CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities2118$33,121
47Camberwell Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities1301$32,829
48Guildford Grammar SchoolWAIndependentMajor Cities1058$32,660
49Southern Cross SchoolNSWGovernmentInner Regional994$32,636
50Brighton Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities1218$32,539
51Trinity Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities2084$32,470
52Newington CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities2036$32,464
53Kincoppal - Rose Bay School of the Sacred HeartNSWIndependentMajor Cities884$32,317
54Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities1160$32,235
55St Leonard's CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities1426$31,941
56The Geelong CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities1247$31,892
57Eltham CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities597$31,867
58Brisbane Girls' Grammar SchoolQLDIndependentMajor Cities1369$31,721
59Loreto Mandeville HallVICCatholicMajor Cities1167$31,633
60Loreto NormanhurstNSWIndependentMajor Cities1083$31,458
61Wesley CollegeWAIndependentMajor Cities1309$31,354
62Toorak CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities737$31,109
63Presbyterian Ladies' CollegeWAIndependentMajor Cities1072$31,102
64Reddam HouseNSWIndependentMajor Cities1112$31,048
65St Michael's Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities1203$31,003
66Tintern GrammarVICIndependentMajor Cities804$30,993
67Haileybury CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities3754$30,993
68Glenvale SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities579$30,815
69Mentone Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities1435$30,621
70Korowa Anglican Girls' SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities620$30,386
71Mentone Girls' Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities739$30,160
72Fintona Girls' SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities456$30,125
73Penrhos CollegeWAIndependentMajor Cities1115$29,896
74Methodist Ladies' CollegeWAIndependentMajor Cities1151$29,866
75Roseville CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities935$29,864
76Strathcona Baptist Girls' GrammarVICIndependentMajor Cities733$29,669
77The Kilmore International SchoolVICIndependentInner Regional437$29,655
78Yarra Valley GrammarVICIndependentMajor Cities1214$29,638
79Firbank Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities1107$29,525
80Genazzano FCJ CollegeVICCatholicMajor Cities1026$29,432
81Seymour CollegeSAIndependentMajor Cities758$29,378
82Loreto KirribilliNSWIndependentMajor Cities1096$29,254
83Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities920$29,225
84Perth CollegeWAIndependentMajor Cities1105$29,005
85Tara Anglican School for GirlsNSWIndependentMajor Cities718$28,822
86Somerville HouseQLDIndependentMajor Cities1370$28,705
87St Vincent's CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities676$28,678
88Anglican Church Grammar SchoolQLDIndependentMajor Cities1792$28,647
89The King David SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities595$28,596
90Kilvington Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities723$28,504
91Pembroke SchoolSAIndependentMajor Cities1529$28,372
92St Aloysius' CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities1242$28,270
93Peninsula GrammarVICIndependentMajor Cities1282$28,242
94St Hilda's Anglican School for GirlsWAIndependentMajor Cities1157$28,211
95Santa Sabina CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities1185$28,178
96St Margaret's Anglican Girls SchoolQLDIndependentMajor Cities883$28,139
97St Margaret's SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities824$28,125
98St Luke's Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities1106$28,124
99Woodleigh SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities945$28,080
100Prince Alfred CollegeSAIndependentMajor Cities1098$28,068

The four government school in the list are all remote education or regional boarding school serving remote and regional areas. All the rest of the private schools are located in the major cities. Also looking at the list the per-student income drop rapidly from the top place of Melbourne Grammar School in Victoria which has per student total gross income of $51,645 to the 100th place Prince Alfred College in South Australia with a per-student total gross income of $28,068

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at the About Us page or leave a comment.

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Australia Top ICSEA Ranked School For 2018

First, let’s go over what ICSEA means again. Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage as a normal reference as ICSEA is created for the following purpose as described by Myschool. This is often thrown around various sites and news but mostly without a detailed explanation on what it is and what does it mean.

The index of community socio-educational advantage (ICSEA) was created by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) specifically to enable meaningful comparisons of National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) test achievement by students in schools across Australia.


The ICSEA score is made up of the following four parts

  • Parents’ Occupation
  • Parents’ Education
  • Geographical Location
  • The proportion of Indigenous Students

I had done a previous blog on this which you can find at Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA). Looking at the criteria, geographic location is super important as it is a good representation of wealth as a major city compares to a remote region and lower north shore compare to the outer western suburb of Sydney. ICSEA is a good reflection of parent’s background like occupation, education and where they live. Even though ICSEA does not take income into consideration, the formula of occupation, education and geolocation will make a pretty good approximation of that as well.

Without any more of my rambling following is the top ICSEA school of Australia. I also add the academic ranking of the school in question as well, so we can have a look at the relation of ICSEA and academic performance.

RankSchool NameStateICSEASectorAcademic RankingPercentage
1Sydney Grammar SchoolNSW1286Independent1100.00%
2St Aloysius' CollegeNSW1242Independent395.93%
4SCEGGS DarlinghurstNSW1222Independent4490.65%
5John Colet SchoolNSW1219Independent6690.03%
6St Mary's Catholic Primary SchoolNSW1218Catholic23292.46%
7Brisbane Grammar SchoolQLD1215Independentn/an/a
8Fitzroy Community SchoolVIC1213Independent1193.13%
9Rainworth State SchoolQLD1213Government1393.05%
10Presbyterian Ladies' CollegeVIC1210Independent296.65%
11Christ Church Grammar SchoolVIC1208Independent4290.89%
12Dara Village SchoolSA1208Independentn/an/a
13Dalkeith Primary SchoolWA1207Government43685.89%
14Roseville CollegeNSW1206Independent1792.79%
15Our Lady of Good Counsel SchoolVIC1206Catholic133582.27%
16Camberwell Primary SchoolVIC1205Government10789.12%
17Mosman Church of England Preparatory SchoolNSW1205Independent14688.47%
18St Philip Neri Catholic Primary SchoolNSW1204Catholic34286.58%
19Woollahra Public SchoolNSW1203Government6390.08%
20Nedlands Primary SchoolWA1202Government5490.35%
21SCECGS RedlandsNSW1202Independent4487.92%
22St Joseph's SchoolVIC1202Catholic98283.42%
23Canberra Grammar SchoolACT1202Independent70984.48%
24Korowa Anglican Girls' SchoolVIC1201Independent6890.03%
25Clifton Hill Primary SchoolVIC1201Government49185.58%
26North Cottesloe Primary SchoolWA1200Government54985.24%
27Moerlina SchoolWA1199Independentn/an/a
28Scotch CollegeVIC1199Independent2991.85%
29Greenwich Public SchoolNSW1199Government18487.97%
30Merri Creek Primary SchoolVIC1197Government62884.88%
31Rosalie Primary SchoolWA1197Government15288.41%
32The Quintilian SchoolWA1197Independent65884.72%
33Christ Church Grammar SchoolWA1196Independent8889.56%
34Floreat Park Primary SchoolWA1196Government17188.16%
35St Ignatius SchoolQLD1195Catholic44785.84%
36Beaumont Road Public SchoolNSW1195Government6190.11%
37Kapinara Primary SchoolWA1195Government16988.17%
38Camberwell Grammar SchoolVIC1195Independent3191.69%
39Loreto NedlandsWA1195Catholic80584.05%
40Lauriston Girls' SchoolVIC1194Independent9189.50%
41Roseville Public SchoolNSW1194Government7689.87%
42Camberwell Girls Grammar SchoolVIC1193Independent8789.56%
43MLC SchoolNSW1193Independent20087.80%
44Northbridge Public SchoolNSW1193Government13488.62%
45Beecroft Public SchoolNSW1193Government3491.26%
46Canterbury Primary SchoolVIC1192Government12988.71%
47St Thomas' Catholic Primary SchoolNSW1192Catholic29586.96%
48Ironside State SchoolQLD1192Government10489.19%
49Cammeray Public SchoolNSW1191Government8189.75%
50St Joseph's SchoolVIC1191Catholic37286.37%
51Pembroke SchoolSA1191Independent42385.98%
52Methodist Ladies' CollegeVIC1190Independent12488.81%
53Ruyton Girls' SchoolVIC1190Independent16788.17%
54St Andrew's SchoolSA1190Independent25987.25%
55Inner Sydney Montessori SchoolNSW1190Independent45085.82%
56Sacred Heart Catholic Primary SchoolNSW1190Catholic22287.56%
57Somerville HouseQLD1190Independent12888.74%
58Pymble Public SchoolNSW1190Government7589.89%
59Cranbrook SchoolNSW1189Independent7989.82%
60Radford CollegeACT1189Independent59785.07%
61All Hallows' SchoolQLD1189Catholicn/an/a
62Wenona SchoolNSW1189Independent11588.96%
63Subiaco Primary SchoolWA1189Government28787.01%
64St Columba's Primary SchoolQLD1188Catholic31786.73%
65Ashgrove State SchoolQLD1188Government10689.13%
66Westgarth Primary SchoolVIC1188Government37586.35%
67Blue Gum Montessori SchoolWA1188Independent42085.99%
68Balgowlah Heights Public SchoolNSW1188Government13988.52%
69Chapel Hill State SchoolQLD1188Government18088.05%
70Emanuel SchoolNSW1188Independent24587.37%
71Fintona Girls' SchoolVIC1188Independent1492.96%
72Glenmore Road Public SchoolNSW1187Government40386.11%
73Lindfield East Public SchoolNSW1187Government6590.04%
74Ravenswood School for GirlsNSW1187Independent9889.32%
75Erasmus SchoolVIC1187Independent5590.32%
76St Ives North Public SchoolNSW1187Government2292.46%
77Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary SchoolNSW1186Catholic35286.49%
78Loreto KirribilliNSW1186Independent13288.67%
79Barker CollegeNSW1186Independent9489.46%
80Holy Family Catholic Primary SchoolNSW1186Catholic23187.49%
81Indooroopilly State SchoolQLD1186Government12288.86%
82Alphington Primary SchoolVIC1185Government26087.23%
83Malvern Primary SchoolVIC1185Government40686.11%
84Reddam HouseNSW1185Independent13688.59%
85Northcross Christian SchoolNSW1185Independent2791.93%
86Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Primary SchoolNSW1185Catholic119982.72%
87Balmain Public SchoolNSW1184Government30086.94%
88Gordon East Public SchoolNSW1184Government13388.65%
89The Beehive Montessori SchoolWA1184Independent63284.86%
90St Cecilia's Catholic Primary SchoolNSW1184Catholic64684.76%
91St Joseph's CollegeQLD1184Catholicn/an/a
92Carey Baptist Grammar SchoolVIC1183Independent6990.01%
93St Thomas' Primary SchoolWA1183Catholic37086.39%
94St Kevin's CollegeVIC1183Catholic18787.93%
95Sacred Heart SchoolVIC1183Catholic21587.61%
96Fig Tree Pocket State SchoolQLD1183Government28487.02%
97Graceville State SchoolQLD1182Government25387.30%
98SHORE - Sydney Church of England Grammar SchoolNSW1182Independent17788.07%
99Trinity Grammar School KewVIC1182Independent17988.05%
100Melbourne Grammar SchoolVIC1182Independent25287.30%

I did some quick numbers, only 35 of the top 100 are government schools rest are consist of independent or Catholic. Given that more than two-thirds of Australian schools are from the public sector, then top ICSEA list is certainly dominated by private schools. Looking at the academic ranking of the top ICSEA schools there is certainly a relationship between ICSEA score and academic performance, although not a linear one, every school in the list still easily falls within the top quarter within Australia.

If I have time, I will run a state by state comparison as well.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at the About Us page or leave a comment.

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Top 500 Ranking Victoria Melbourne Primary School For The Year Of 2018 (Government and Non-government)

This is a special entry for Lyn.

Top ranking Victoria Melbourne primary schools for the year of 2017. The result is a combination of both year 3 and 5 numbers from NAPLAN. One thing to note is some schools listed have very low enrolment number so the result is possibly not a reliable reflection of the entire school’s performance and historically can have big fluctuations as well. This is why I also included the enrolment number here, some school got big enrolment number as well due to they are classified as combined with both primary and secondary components counted together. One more thing to note is that percentage is based on the number one primary school regardless of school sector Australia wide.

RankingSchool NameStateSchool SectorLocationTotal EnrolmentPercentage
1Presbyterian Ladies' CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities141296.65%
2Haileybury CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities375495.69%
3Ballarat Clarendon CollegeVICIndependentInner Regional132693.29%
4Fitzroy Community SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities11393.13%
5Fintona Girls' SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities45692.96%
6Huntingtower SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities68692.88%
7Beverley Hills Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities47392.74%
8Oakleigh South Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities100691.90%
9Scotch CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities188391.85%
10Serpell Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities115991.81%
11Camberwell Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities130191.69%
12Mentone Girls' Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities73991.40%
13St Andrews Christian CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities58191.25%
14Christ Church Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities29290.89%
15Waverley Christian CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities186790.65%
16Balwyn Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities53790.56%
17Erasmus SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities10690.32%
18Lighthouse Christian College CranbourneVICIndependentMajor Cities86390.28%
19Glendal Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities87390.15%
20Thomastown East Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities16990.13%
21Doncaster Gardens Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities68190.03%
22Korowa Anglican Girls' SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities62090.03%
23Carey Baptist Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities224890.01%
24Firbank Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities110789.99%
25The Knox SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities56789.99%
26Southmoor Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities43289.84%
27Loreto Mandeville HallVICCatholicMajor Cities116789.77%
28Wheelers Hill Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities52889.74%
29Camberwell Girls Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities71289.56%
30Lauriston Girls' SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities89789.50%
31Bentleigh West Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities60589.44%
32Holy Trinity Primary SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities38189.44%
33St Leonard's CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities142689.41%
34Sholem Aleichem CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities18089.31%
35Camberwell Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities65489.12%
36Camelot Rise Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities44489.10%
37Knox Gardens Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities29289.10%
38Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities92088.93%
39Burwood East Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities27488.88%
40Genazzano FCJ CollegeVICCatholicMajor Cities102688.88%
41Methodist Ladies' CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities203488.81%
42Deepdene Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities45288.79%
43Canterbury Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities60588.71%
44South Yarra Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities37788.52%
45Mount View Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities108388.41%
46Glen Waverley Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities86488.41%
47Vermont Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities69488.40%
48Eltham East Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities64788.35%
49Good Shepherd SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities48888.35%
50St Cecilia's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities25388.33%
51Pinewood Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities65688.26%
52Preston West Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities67888.23%
53Kingswood CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities56788.23%
54Ruyton Girls' SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities83988.17%
55Toorak CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities73788.17%
56Trinity Grammar School KewVICIndependentMajor Cities138188.05%
57Good Shepherd Lutheran Primary SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities52988.04%
58Westbourne Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities147988.02%
59St Margaret's SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities82487.97%
60St Kevin's CollegeVICCatholicMajor Cities203787.93%
61Kilvington Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities72387.90%
62Glenferrie Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities35787.83%
63Livingstone Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities77487.80%
64Templeton Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities72087.80%
65Melbourne Girls GrammarVICIndependentMajor Cities94687.76%
66Sacred Heart SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities27787.61%
67Our Lady of Lourdes SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities14087.59%
68Malvern Central SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities41687.57%
69Strathcona Baptist Girls' GrammarVICIndependentMajor Cities73387.52%
70Brighton Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities121887.52%
71Birralee Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities42687.50%
72Chilwell Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities37487.49%
73St Kilda Park Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities35087.45%
74Highvale Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities29487.40%
75Melbourne Montessori SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities26687.38%
76Hampton Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities73187.33%
77Carnegie Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities59087.30%
78Hartwell Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities71087.30%
79Melbourne Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities179487.30%
80Murrumbeena Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities55987.28%
81Alphington Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities42887.23%
82St Dominic's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities28687.20%
83Toorak Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities50387.18%
84Sandridge SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities11287.18%
85Brandon Park Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities39087.14%
86Banyule Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities65487.13%
87Armadale Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities37087.08%
88Park Orchards Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities32387.04%
89Wattle Park Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities39187.02%
90Our Lady Help of Christians SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities20086.99%
91Kerrimuir Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities34486.96%
92Caulfield Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities308286.96%
93Greythorn Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities56586.94%
94Casey Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities80786.89%
95St Joan of Arc SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities37586.80%
96Mount Waverley Heights Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities18386.63%
97Footscray City Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities36586.61%
98Burwood Heights Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities34186.61%
99Caulfield Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities27186.61%
100Ivanhoe Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities61586.58%
101Ss Peter & Paul's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities16286.58%
102Paynesville Primary SchoolVICGovernmentOuter Regional15386.56%
103Fitzroy North Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities53286.54%
104Black Rock Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities58686.51%
105Yarraville West Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities82186.49%
106Ashburton Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities55186.49%
107Laburnum Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities77186.47%
108Our Lady Help of Christians SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities31686.47%
109Heidelberg Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities51786.46%
110Heathdale Christian CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities123786.46%
111Mount Waverley Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities80186.44%
112Ormond Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities41486.37%
113St Joseph's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities34186.37%
114Heatherton Christian CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities37086.37%
115Westgarth Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities64786.35%
116Kensington Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities48086.34%
117St Catherine's SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities68986.34%
118Shelford Girls' GrammarVICIndependentMajor Cities50486.34%
119Panton Hill Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities11886.25%
120Glen Iris Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities42386.22%
121Mount Macedon Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional12886.11%
122Malvern Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities69786.11%
123Alphington Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities52586.08%
124Auburn South Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities67486.06%
125Hawthorn West Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities48685.96%
126Penleigh & Essendon Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities244685.94%
127Kew East Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities47085.93%
128Parkdale Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities66585.93%
129Blackburn Lake Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities46985.91%
130St Kevin's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities12785.89%
131St Roch's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities16985.89%
132Dunkeld Consolidated SchoolVICGovernmentOuter Regional10485.84%
133Essendon Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities50985.81%
134Valkstone Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities67685.81%
135Mont Albert Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities71885.77%
136Yackandandah Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional14385.75%
137Orchard Grove Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities66285.75%
138Gardenvale Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities66385.72%
139Malvern Valley Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities25385.72%
140The King David SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities59585.68%
141Surrey Hills Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities40485.65%
142Balwyn North Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities47985.65%
143Doreen Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities15185.58%
144Clifton Hill Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities74685.58%
145Strathmore North Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities42585.55%
146Donvale Christian CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities125585.51%
147Aireys Inlet Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional10985.51%
148Bialik CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities87485.48%
149Kororoit Creek Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities117885.48%
150Ivanhoe Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities191385.39%
151Deutsche Schule MelbourneVICIndependentMajor Cities10385.38%
152Mount Waverley North Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities23385.38%
153Rangeview Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities58285.36%
154Mount Pleasant Road Nunawading Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities32885.34%
155St Michael's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities30585.34%
156Inverleigh Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional20285.32%
157Woorinen District Primary SchoolVICGovernmentOuter Regional8685.32%
158Lloyd Street Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities53385.31%
159St Mary's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities34485.31%
160Nunawading Christian College - PrimaryVICIndependentMajor Cities18685.29%
161Fyans Park Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities31185.27%
162Donvale Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities25685.26%
163Syndal South Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities42385.24%
164Mountain Gate Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities35985.22%
165Templestowe Park Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities45585.20%
166Templestowe Heights Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities34585.19%
167Alamanda K-9 CollegeVICGovernmentMajor Cities206585.19%
168Brentwood Park Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities71085.17%
169St Kilda Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities59985.15%
170Brighton Beach Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities37985.15%
171Southern Cross GrammarVICIndependentMajor Cities53285.15%
172Cheltenham East Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities43885.14%
173Tintern GrammarVICIndependentMajor Cities80485.14%
174St Gregory the Great SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities42685.12%
175Wales Street Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities60385.08%
176Sacre CoeurVICCatholicMajor Cities72085.08%
177St Mary's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities32385.08%
178Our Lady of Perpetual Succour SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities18685.08%
179Good News Lutheran CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities87985.08%
180Mitcham Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities41085.07%
181Yarra Valley GrammarVICIndependentMajor Cities121485.02%
182North Melbourne Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities74385.00%
183Antonio Park Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities50385.00%
184Belmont Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities30284.98%
185Williamstown North Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities76684.98%
186Cardross Primary SchoolVICGovernmentOuter Regional10484.98%
187Donburn Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities45584.98%
188Aspendale Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities53284.93%
189St Vincent de Paul's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities43284.91%
190Geelong Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities144884.90%
191Merri Creek Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities44084.88%
192Boroondara Park Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities63284.86%
193Fairfield Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities48784.83%
194St Leonard's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities27784.78%
195Blackburn Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities51884.76%
196St Clement of Rome SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities35484.72%
197Beth Rivkah Ladies CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities59084.72%
198Overnewton Anglican Community CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities210984.72%
199Carlton Gardens Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities35984.71%
200Puckapunyal Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional20784.69%
201Carrum Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities31484.69%
202Wesley CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities303184.69%
203Sacred Heart SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities26784.67%
204St Leo the Great SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities24284.67%
205Bacchus Marsh GrammarVICIndependentInner Regional198684.67%
206Oakleigh Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities43684.65%
207Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities78584.65%
208Galilee Regional Catholic Primary SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities31384.60%
209Milgate Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities64684.59%
210Derinya Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities80084.57%
211St Paul's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities27184.55%
212The Kilmore International SchoolVICIndependentInner Regional43784.53%
213Altona Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities63184.52%
214Doncaster Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities54884.50%
215Mount Eliza North Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities62684.50%
216St Margaret's Primary SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities33384.43%
217Oakleigh GrammarVICIndependentMajor Cities67484.40%
218Carlton North Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities28584.38%
219Our Holy Redeemer SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities16384.38%
220Oxley Christian CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities82784.38%
221Hughesdale Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities54284.36%
222Wembley Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities72084.35%
223Tambo Upper Primary SchoolVICGovernmentOuter Regional10384.33%
224Ocean Grove Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional63384.33%
225Moonee Ponds Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities35184.33%
226Caulfield Junior CollegeVICGovernmentMajor Cities47484.31%
227Aberfeldie Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities37884.26%
228Newport Lakes Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities44584.24%
229Haddon Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional22284.24%
230St Bernadette's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities23984.24%
231St Paul's Anglican Grammar SchoolVICIndependentInner Regional125984.24%
232Cornish CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities65684.24%
233Coburg West Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities50484.23%
234Tulliallan Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities33784.21%
235Footscray North Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities40984.17%
236Heathmont East Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities58484.16%
237Moorabbin Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities24884.14%
238Viewbank Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities65484.14%
239Essex Heights Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities56784.14%
240Wonga Park Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities39784.12%
241Andersons Creek Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities33984.12%
242Middle Park Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities53184.11%
243Emerald Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities50284.11%
244Montmorency South Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities61984.11%
245Apollo Bay P-12 CollegeVICGovernmentInner Regional26284.11%
246Coleraine Primary SchoolVICGovernmentOuter Regional4884.09%
247Ripponlea Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities28984.09%
248St James' SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities33784.09%
249Ascot Vale Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities26684.07%
250Preston Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities74184.04%
251Bellaire Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities60784.04%
252St Robert's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities38184.04%
253Croydon Hills Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities68084.02%
254St Luke the Evangelist SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities20284.02%
255Beechworth Montessori SchoolVICIndependentInner Regional8184.02%
256St Bridget's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities6284.00%
257Warrandyte Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities21183.99%
258Cheltenham Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities41983.99%
259Greenhills Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities52683.99%
260Richmond Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities35183.99%
261Essendon North Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities66483.97%
262Jells Park Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities50783.95%
263Mentone Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities143583.93%
264Northside Christian CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities31983.93%
265Strathmore Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities50583.92%
266Marysville Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional5683.90%
267Mount Blowhard Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional7183.90%
268Beaumaris Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities54383.88%
269St Philip's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities12583.88%
270Coburg North Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities41583.85%
271Coatesville Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities75983.83%
272Peninsula GrammarVICIndependentMajor Cities128283.83%
273Maranatha Christian SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities76683.83%
274St Christopher's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities9183.81%
275St Michael's Grammar SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities120383.81%
276St Louis de Montfort's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities72583.80%
277Yesodei HaTorah CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities16383.80%
278Solway Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities50783.78%
279St Mary's SchoolVICCatholicOuter Regional51683.76%
280St Thomas the Apostle SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities35083.76%
281Lighthouse Christian CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities67783.76%
282Mckinnon Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities81483.75%
283Watsonia Heights Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities30883.75%
284Xavier CollegeVICCatholicMajor Cities196183.75%
285Northcote Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities37783.71%
286Apollo Parkways Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities81983.71%
287Sacred Heart SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities27683.66%
288Mount Scopus Memorial CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities128383.66%
289Fish Creek and District Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional8983.63%
290Glen Huntly Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities31583.63%
291Edinburgh CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities27683.63%
292Thomas Mitchell Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities80383.61%
293St Anne's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities28983.61%
294Eltham North Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities59383.57%
295Sandringham East Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities52283.56%
296Woodleigh SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities94583.56%
297Gordon Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional11283.54%
298Seabrook Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities98083.54%
299Belle Vue Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities17483.52%
300St Mark's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities47883.52%
301Mulgrave Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities35483.50%
302St James' SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities24983.50%
303Magpie Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional9783.47%
304Kingston Heath Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities29683.45%
305St Aloysius' SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities6183.45%
306Albert Park Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities58183.44%
307St Joseph's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities41083.42%
308Mordialloc Beach Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities18383.40%
309Elwood Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities80383.40%
310Chatham Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities40983.40%
311Ivanhoe East Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities54683.37%
312Kinglake Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional8683.35%
313Templestowe Valley Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities48883.35%
314Whitehorse Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities36183.33%
315St Mary's SchoolVICCatholicOuter Regional4283.32%
316Brunswick South West Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities40483.30%
317Wantirna South Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities26583.30%
318Ringwood Heights Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities27183.30%
319Selby Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities24083.28%
320Bayswater South Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities30383.26%
321Westbreen Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities26383.25%
322Tinternvale Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities33483.25%
323Pleasant Street Primary School ( Ballarat)VICGovernmentInner Regional34683.23%
324Wandin Yallock Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities8583.23%
325Port Melbourne Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities81383.23%
326Avondale Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities36183.23%
327Camberwell South Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities48183.21%
328St Mary's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities26183.21%
329Resurrection HouseVICCatholicMajor Cities15983.20%
330Aspendale Gardens Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities67083.18%
331Bright P-12 CollegeVICGovernmentOuter Regional55083.16%
332Macedon Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional24183.16%
333Castlemaine North Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional24283.16%
334St Joseph's SchoolVICCatholicOuter Regional4283.16%
335St Mary's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities36583.16%
336St Finbar's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities32483.16%
337St Joseph's Primary SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities15683.13%
338Red Hill Consolidated SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional57883.11%
339Nazareth SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities31483.09%
340Hillcrest Christian CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities152483.09%
341Flemington Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities41483.08%
342Brighton Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities76883.08%
343St Columba's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities15483.08%
344Auburn Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities49983.06%
345St Peter's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities66683.06%
346St Patrick's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities33883.06%
347Balnarring Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities37783.02%
348Briar Hill Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities19383.02%
349St Raphael's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities27283.02%
350Our Lady of the Pines SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities34883.02%
351Williamstown Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities53183.01%
352Parktone Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities55383.01%
353Sandringham Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities48882.99%
354Toolamba Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional16882.99%
355Caulfield South Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities49682.99%
356Kew Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities49382.97%
357Dandenong North Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities83382.96%
358St Monica's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities13482.94%
359Christian College HightonVICIndependentMajor Cities98482.92%
360Montmorency Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities25882.90%
361Park Ridge Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities61282.90%
362Woodend Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional40082.89%
363Kunyung Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities68982.89%
364St Patrick's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities35782.87%
365Kardinia International CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities178782.87%
366Cowes Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional58582.85%
367Rosanna Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities31482.85%
368Bonbeach Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities30282.85%
369Greensborough Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities16882.84%
370Warragul North Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional61782.84%
371St Mary's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities28982.84%
372Birregurra Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional8382.82%
373Our Lady of the Nativity SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities39682.82%
374Marlborough Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities20882.80%
375St Joseph's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities15282.80%
376St Francis Xavier's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities35482.80%
377Wallington Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional16082.78%
378Elsternwick Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities59582.77%
379Girton Grammar SchoolVICIndependentInner Regional114182.77%
380Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities61582.75%
381St Paul's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities36482.75%
382St James SchoolVICCatholicInner Regional10282.73%
383Truganina P-9 CollegeVICGovernmentMajor Cities89782.73%
384St Martin of Tours SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities51282.72%
385Bellbrae Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional50182.68%
386St Paul's Kealba Catholic SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities34082.68%
387St Therese's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities54682.65%
388Yeshivah CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities38682.65%
389King's CollegeVICIndependentInner Regional21282.65%
390St John's Lutheran School GeelongVICIndependentMajor Cities24882.63%
391Glen Waverley South Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities33882.61%
392Beaconhills CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities290282.61%
393St Theresa's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities22682.60%
394St Damian's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities43282.58%
395Beaumaris North Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities69382.56%
396Sacred Heart SchoolVICCatholicOuter Regional5882.54%
397Diamond Creek Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities22182.53%
398Quarry Hill Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional36182.53%
399Footscray West Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities61982.53%
400St Joseph's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities18782.53%
401St Joseph's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities31982.51%
402St Francis of Assisi SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities111282.51%
403Flinders Christian Community CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities187782.51%
404Hume Anglican GrammarVICIndependentMajor Cities101882.51%
405Wandin North Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities24882.49%
406Port Fairy Consolidated SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional22182.48%
407St Anne's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities16182.48%
408Bendigo Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional17282.44%
409Kingswood Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities58782.44%
410Roberts McCubbin Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities41882.44%
411Newport Gardens Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities48182.42%
412Tarrington Lutheran SchoolVICIndependentOuter Regional11882.41%
413Bairnsdale Primary SchoolVICGovernmentOuter Regional24682.35%
414Pascoe Vale Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities52182.35%
415Barwon Heads Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional49282.34%
416St Peter's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities19482.34%
417Our Lady of the Way SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities14482.32%
418St Mary's SchoolVICCatholicInner Regional15382.32%
419St Christopher's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities71782.30%
420Upper Plenty Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional18982.27%
421Our Lady of Good Counsel SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities25482.27%
422Glenroy Central Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities23982.27%
423Stella Maris SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities32082.25%
424St Peter's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities55582.23%
425Seaholme Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities30282.18%
426St Albans Meadows Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities44882.18%
427Victory Lutheran CollegeVICIndependentInner Regional71682.18%
428Lakeside CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities34282.17%
429St Mary's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities29782.15%
430Chewton Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional7782.13%
431St Thomas More SchoolVICCatholicInner Regional40982.11%
432Aitken CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities126982.11%
433Old Orchard Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities53882.10%
434Dorset Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities48782.10%
435Avenel Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional12782.06%
436Cobden Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional17882.06%
437Holy Rosary SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities30682.05%
438Darul Ulum College of VictoriaVICIndependentMajor Cities105982.01%
439Woodford Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional20281.99%
440Watsonia North Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities54581.99%
441Lyndale Greens Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities61881.99%
442St Bede's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities29281.99%
443Sirius CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities247281.99%
444Boronia Heights Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities49781.98%
445Niddrie Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities28281.98%
446Mary Immaculate SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities12181.98%
447Kallista Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities16381.96%
448Brunswick South Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities31881.91%
449St Paul Apostle South SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities22281.91%
450Scoresby Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities21981.89%
451Kingsville Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities64281.87%
452Richmond West Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities27481.87%
453Mount Eliza Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities64481.86%
454Huntingdale Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities38081.86%
455Christian College BellarineVICIndependentInner Regional44181.84%
456Brunswick North West Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities36481.82%
457St Patrick's SchoolVICCatholicInner Regional12481.81%
458Upwey Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities8981.77%
459St John Vianney's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities14881.77%
460Wallarano Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities68681.75%
461Village SchoolVICIndependentMajor Cities7281.75%
462Knox Park Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities28881.74%
463Holy Name SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities28681.74%
464Emmaus Catholic Primary SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities42281.74%
465Weeden Heights Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities17381.72%
466Courtenay Gardens Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities83681.72%
467St Mary's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities55781.72%
468Highton Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities33681.70%
469Plenty Valley Christian CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities73981.70%
470Shepparton Christian College LtdVICIndependentInner Regional20081.70%
471Maiden Gully Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional55081.69%
472St Bernadette's Catholic Primary SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities23481.69%
473Eltham Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities42081.67%
474Woori Yallock Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional26481.67%
475Yarra Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities26081.67%
476Ruskin Park Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities35181.65%
477St Joseph's SchoolVICCatholicInner Regional11481.65%
478Sacred Heart SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities30581.65%
479St Bernard's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities22581.65%
480Parkmore Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities13781.62%
481Rolling Hills Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities36481.62%
482St Kevin's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities11381.62%
483St Margaret Mary's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities13581.60%
484St Monica's Primary SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities53681.57%
485St Anthony's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities16281.57%
486Tylden Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional11581.55%
487Irymple South Primary SchoolVICGovernmentOuter Regional35281.55%
488Oatlands Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities108981.55%
489St John's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities18281.55%
490Eltham CollegeVICIndependentMajor Cities59781.55%
491Axedale Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional11081.53%
492Research Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities18281.53%
493Katunga Primary SchoolVICGovernmentInner Regional8981.50%
494Cambridge Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities103181.50%
495Keysborough Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities45781.50%
496Holy Spirit SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities25181.50%
497Great Ryrie Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities50181.48%
498St Justin's SchoolVICCatholicMajor Cities34781.48%
499Wodonga Middle Years CollegeVICGovernmentInner Regional82381.46%
500Olivet Christian CollegeVICIndependentInner Regional7581.46%

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Australian school funding inequality further exacerbates the difference between rich and poor schools

I came across this well-researched article Rich school, poor school: Australia’s great education divide done by ABC a few days ago. The basic conclusion is that private schools outspend the government schools by a very large margin.

Anyone visited many of the top tier private schools in Australia will have some first-hand evidence of this, massive Olympic size pools, auditorium, pristine sports ground etc. On the other hand when visiting government schools often the only new build from within the last few decades happened during the 2008 global financial crisis. No matter what people say about Kevin Rudd, his spending during the period on the schools are sorely needed and very much welcomed.

I did a series of blogs on the Australian school fundings and did a detailed analysis of both government and private schools operation and capital expenditure in 2016. You can find the articles as following

Part 1 explains the funding model of Australian schools and where it is derived.

Part 2 goes over the spending of both government and private school’s spending on the operational side of things in 2016.

Part 3 goes over the capital expenditure of both government and private schools in 2016.

To summerise, per-student spending on the operational side between government and private schools are roughly the same. However, on a per-student basis, catholic schools outspend the government schools to the tune of 250% when it comes to capital expenditure in 2016. Independent schools outspend government schools by 464% when calculating on a per-student basis. This is a consistent trend year to year, so if you look at this over a longer period of time, private schools completely smash government schools on capital expenditure.

Also quoting the above-mentioned article 15% of the catholic schools and 8% of the independent schools capital expenditure comes from both state and federal governments. This pretty much agrees with my analysis of the data for 2016. In 10.6% of Catholic and 10.1% of independent schools, their capital expenditure comes from either state or federal governments.

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Strict enforcement of enrolment ceiling in NSW schools

There were a number of articles that came out in the last few days and I feel this needs to be further discussed. I won’t list all the article, just one as example “‘Heavy-handed’: Schools crack down on out-of-area enrolments“.

To summarise what has been discussed in the articles on why the new strict enforcement is happening

  1. School choice had been great for parents but no so good for student distribution between schools within NSW.
  2. Because of school choice and none strict enforcement of enrolment guidelines with some principles it resulted in some schools bursting at seams with enrolment and others with plenty of classrooms empty.

What will be done to achieve this

  1. NSW Department of Education’s Asset Management Unit will calculate an enrolment cap and will discuss the suggested cap with each principal. This enrolment cap is expected to be finalised by the end of this term.
  2. If the enrolment number exceed this population limit due to out of area enrolment, then no new demountable buildings will be given.
  3. Introduction of 100 point system requirement for enrolment for schools that are in high demand. This is nothing new in my personal experience, some schools currently demand more documents than what you need to open a bank account already.
  4. Students already enroled will not be affected, however sibling not enroled will be.
  5. Schools under the cap will be able to take out of area applications at school’s discretion.
  6. Schools with close to this cap will have to convene a panel and sibling being one of the most important factor in deciding this.
  7. Schools over the cap will not able to take out of area applications and required to reduce the student population over time as well.
  8. In specific circustance principles can request for enrolment of out of area students with the Department of Education’s regional manager.
  9. Academic merit will not be part of critieria for out of area enrolment application.

Technically this is not that different from the current rule, just a lot less discretion on the part of respective principles. I visited a lot of schools and some have virtually very little permenant buildings so it would be interesting to see how this cap are came up. Long term this will have a lot of flow-on effects, particular in the cases where siblings may be forced to be split to attend different public schools.

We will not know exactly how this will affect the actual enrolment of each individual schools until next term and it will be interesting to see how this further developers.

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2019 NSW Selective High School Minimum Entry Score

Please note this is a normalised number not a raw score and it is used for enrolment for 2019 entry. The actual test was done in 2018. Quoting NSW Department of Education.

There are 17 fully selective high schools, 26 high schools with selective classes (partially selective), 4 agricultural high schools2and a virtual selective class provision offering selective placement in Year 7 for entry in 2019.

Number of vacancies: 4,256
Number of applicants: 14,5011

Also, the minimum score in 2019 is a lot higher than the ones in 2018 and given the score is normalised, this must mean there are changes on how the results are normalised. Anyhow enjoy the table and have fun with your weekend.

James Ruse Agricultural High School250
North Sydney Boys High School234
Baulkham Hills High School230
Sydney Boys High School229
Hornsby Girls High School227
North Sydney Girls High School226
Girraween High School225
Normanhurst Boys High School225
Sydney Girls High School225
Fort Street High School222
Northern Beaches Secondary College Manly Campus217
Chatswood High School215
Penrith High School215
Parramatta High School210
Hurlstone Agricultural High School207
St George Girls High School207
Ryde Secondary College201
Caringbah High School198
Sydney Technical High School198
Sefton High School197
Blacktown Boys High School195
Smiths Hill High School194
Merewether High School191
Blacktown Girls High School189
Tempe High School189
Gosford High School188
Alexandria Park Community School186
Sydney Secondary College Leichhardt Campus186
Rose Bay Secondary College184
Sydney Secondary College Balmain Campus182
Macquarie Fields High School179
Prairiewood High School177
Moorebank High School176
Aurora College (Virtual)172
Bonnyrigg High School162
Elizabeth Macarthur High School162
Gorokan High School161
Grafton High School161
Granville Boys High School161
Peel High School161
Armidale High School160
Auburn Girls High School160
Karabar High School160
Kooringal High School160

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Top Ranking Northern Territory Darwin Secondary School For The Year Of 2018 (Non-government/Private)

Top ranking Northern Territory Darwin Secondary Schools (Non-government and Private) for the year 2018. The result is a combination of both year 7 and 9 numbers from NAPLAN. One thing to note is some schools listed have very low enrolment number so the result is possibly not a reliable reflection of the entire school’s performance and historically can have big fluctuations as well. This is why I also included the enrolment number here, some school got big enrolment number as well due to they are classified as combined with both primary and secondary components counted together. One more thing to note is that the percentage is based on the number one primary school regardless of school sector Australia wide. Just so to be clear that the particular school is James Ruse Agricultural High School for the year of 2018.

RankingSchool NameStateSchool SectorLocationTotal EnrolmentPercentage
1The Essington School DarwinNTIndependentOuter Regional109282.87%
2Nhulunbuy Christian CollegeNTIndependentVery Remote17677.50%
3St Philip's CollegeNTIndependentRemote72175.97%
4Palmerston Christian SchoolNTIndependentOuter Regional31174.89%
5O'Loughlin Catholic CollegeNTCatholicOuter Regional56874.75%
6Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic CollegeNTCatholicRemote71274.22%
7Kormilda CollegeNTIndependentOuter Regional39774.07%
8Sattler Christian CollegeNTIndependentOuter Regional12773.92%
9Good Shepherd Lutheran CollegeNTIndependentOuter Regional129573.67%
10MacKillop Catholic CollegeNTCatholicOuter Regional61973.43%
11Araluen Christian CollegeNTIndependentRemote22471.44%
12Marrara Christian CollegeNTIndependentOuter Regional37869.10%
13St John's Catholic CollegeNTCatholicOuter Regional22365.63%
14St Joseph's Catholic CollegeNTCatholicRemote22565.13%
15Xavier Catholic CollegeNTCatholicRemote11653.74%
16Yirara CollegeNTIndependentRemote22452.68%
17Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Thamarrurr Catholic CollegeNTCatholicVery Remote62750.21%
18Tiwi CollegeNTIndependentVery Remote9845.73%
19Ltyentye Apurte Catholic SchoolNTCatholicRemote118N/A
20St Francis Xavier Catholic SchoolNTCatholicVery Remote68N/A
21Nyangatjatjara CollegeNTIndependentVery Remote111N/A
22Yipirinya SchoolNTIndependentRemote140N/A
23Gawa Christian SchoolNTIndependentVery Remote57N/A
24St Joseph's Catholic Flexible Learning CentreNTCatholicRemote110N/A

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Top Ranking Northern Territory Darwin Secondary School For The Year Of 2018 (Government/Public)

Top ranking Northern Territory Darwin Secondary Schools (Government and Public) for the year 2018. The result is a combination of both year 7 and 9 numbers from NAPLAN. One thing to note is some schools listed have very low enrolment number so the result is possibly not a reliable reflection of the entire school’s performance and historically can have big fluctuations as well. This is why I also included the enrolment number here, some school got big enrolment number as well due to they are classified as combined with both primary and secondary components counted together. One more thing to note is that the percentage is based on the number one primary school regardless of school sector Australia wide. Just so to be clear that the particular school is James Ruse Agricultural High School for the year of 2018.

RankingSchool NameStateSchool SectorLocationTotal EnrolmentPercentage
1Darwin Middle SchoolNTGovernmentOuter Regional79178.27%
2Nightcliff Middle SchoolNTGovernmentOuter Regional24774.97%
3Dripstone Middle SchoolNTGovernmentOuter Regional52372.80%
4Taminmin CollegeNTGovernmentOuter Regional104170.05%
5Sanderson Middle SchoolNTGovernmentOuter Regional38869.53%
6Nhulunbuy High SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote26868.19%
7Centralian Middle SchoolNTGovernmentRemote31766.63%
8Jabiru Area SchoolNTGovernmentRemote19966.57%
9Batchelor Area SchoolNTGovernmentRemote13063.53%
10Katherine High SchoolNTGovernmentRemote60560.03%
11Jilkminggan SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote7655.93%
12Ramingining SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote27453.82%
13Tennant Creek High SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote23053.34%
14Arlparra SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote17852.72%
15Minyerri SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote17750.47%
16Borroloola SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote21050.12%
17Ngukurr SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote28449.59%
18Lajamanu SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote18843.40%
19Gunbalanya SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote22241.17%
20Numbulwar SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote15140.61%
21Maningrida CollegeNTGovernmentVery Remote54939.27%
22Yuendumu SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote20934.70%
23Milingimbi SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote33031.05%
24Alice Springs School Of The AirNTGovernmentRemote96N/A
25Katherine School Of The AirNTGovernmentRemote135N/A
26Alyangula Area SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote143N/A
27Alekarenge SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote103N/A
28Angurugu SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote159N/A
29Gapuwiyak SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote155N/A
30Kalkaringi SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote131N/A
31Shepherdson CollegeNTGovernmentVery Remote608N/A
32Yirrkala SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote163N/A
33Alpurrurulam SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote94N/A
34Barunga SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote100N/A
35Bulman SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote56N/A
36Canteen Creek SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote51N/A
37Elliott SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote58N/A
38Epenarra SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote54N/A
39Harts Range SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote39N/A
40Mamaruni SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote66N/A
41Mataranka SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote36N/A
42Mount Allan SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote49N/A
43Neutral Junction SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote25N/A
44Nganmarriyanga SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote126N/A
45Ntaria SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote164N/A
46Papunya SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote127N/A
47Robinson River SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote43N/A
48Ti Tree SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote77N/A
49Timber Creek SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote35N/A
50Alyarrmandumanja Umbakumba SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote74N/A
51Warruwi SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote88N/A
52Watiyawanu SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote52N/A
53Willowra SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote70N/A
54Woolianna SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote50N/A
55Wugularr SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote131N/A
56Yulara SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote45N/A

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