NSW School Enrolment Surge

It is well known that NSW is experiencing a very significant enrolment surge in the last few years. This is well known in the communities as well with overcrowding in the local schools and many also filled with demountable classrooms.

There is a new article today on Another enrolment record as students head back to school on SMH.

Enrolments in public schools are continuing to grow to record levels. This year, there are expected to be 815,000 students in the sector, an increase of about 5000 on last year and almost 73,000 more than 10 years ago.

While the student census across the three sectors will not be held until schools open, the independent sector also expects further growth in enrolments. Between 2017 and 2018, enrolments grew by about 4500 students.

The public sector in Australia has recently reversed decades of shrinking enrolment percentage and starting to gain a larger share of student enrolment population. Also, most of the increases are happening at the younger end of the school population. Given the level of population growth due to both natural birth and immigration, this phenomenon is pretty much expected.

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