Vandalism in Australian Schools

This came across on the news today, Lane Cove North Public School’s hall was burnt down, at this stage we do not know what triggered it. However, it is unfortunate that we have too many cases of people setting fires to the schools. Personally, if you ask me, this is one of my most hated crime. My high school’s hall was burnt down a few years before I attended it and it had to be almost completely rebuilt. The toilet block was firebombed just before I started there and everybody had to use demountable toilets and they are pretty horrible.

Schools also get often vandalised as well and which in turn forced many of them erect high fences and locked down outside of school hour. This, in turn, deprives local communities valuable green and activity area. I love taking my kids to the local school riding bicycles and playing balls on the weekend. It is a real shame that you are not able to do so in many of the NSW schools.

Schools getting vandalised and damaged not force valuable funds to be used in rebuilt, clean and replace everything, it also often can stop students from able to attend a school or carry out the full range of normal activities.

We as a society need to treat these as a serious crime and treat them accordingly. Schools are the beating hearts of the local communities and similar respect need to be given to them as well.

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