Top 100 Ranking NSW Sydney Secondary School For The Year Of 2022 (Government and Public)

Top ranking NSW Sydney Secondary Schools (Government and Public) for the year 2022. The result is a combination of both year 7 and 9 numbers from NAPLAN. One thing to note is some schools listed have very low enrolment numbers so the result is possibly not a reliable reflection of the entire school’s performance and historically can have big fluctuations as well. This is why I also included the enrolment number here, some schools got big enrolment numbers as well due to they are classified as combined with both primary and secondary components counted together. One more thing to note is that the percentage is based on the number one primary school regardless of school sector Australia-wide. Just to be clear that the particular school is James Ruse Agricultural High School for the year 2022.

RankingSchool NameStateSchool SectorLocationPercentage
1James Ruse Agricultural High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities100.00%
2Baulkham Hills High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities96.89%
3Sydney Girls High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities96.71%
4North Sydney Girls High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities96.34%
5North Sydney Boys High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities96.20%
6Hornsby Girls High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities96.14%
7Conservatorium High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities95.00%
8Sydney Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities94.82%
9Sydney Boys High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities94.40%
10Fort Street High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities94.32%
11Normanhurst Boys High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities94.15%
12Girraween High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities94.06%
13Northern Beaches Secondary College Manly CampusNSWGovernmentMajor Cities93.93%
14Penrith High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities93.12%
15St George Girls High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities92.62%
16Caringbah High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities92.61%
17Hurlstone Agricultural High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities92.59%
18Merewether High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities91.76%
19Smiths Hill High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities91.68%
20Sydney Technical High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities91.32%
21AbbotsleighNSWIndependentMajor Cities90.59%
22Gosford High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities90.06%
23St Aloysius' CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities89.19%
24Meriden SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities88.31%
25Tara Anglican School for GirlsNSWIndependentMajor Cities86.54%
26MLC SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities86.44%
27Ascham SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities86.34%
28Pymble Ladies' CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities86.28%
29Presbyterian Ladies' College SydneyNSWIndependentMajor Cities86.28%
30SCEGGS DarlinghurstNSWIndependentMajor Cities86.00%
31Al-Faisal College - CampbelltownNSWIndependentMajor Cities85.89%
32Al-Faisal CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities85.71%
33Al Noori Muslim SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities85.65%
34Roseville CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities85.58%
35Chatswood High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities85.45%
36Willoughby Girls High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities85.40%
37Parramatta High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities85.40%
38Barker CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities85.39%
39Tangara School for GirlsNSWIndependentMajor Cities85.31%
40QueenwoodNSWIndependentMajor Cities85.31%
41Knox Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities85.28%
42SCECGS RedlandsNSWIndependentMajor Cities85.27%
43Wenona SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities84.92%
44SHORE - Sydney Church of England Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities84.92%
45St George Christian SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities84.91%
46Arden Anglican SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities84.85%
47Santa Sabina CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities84.84%
48Lycee Condorcet The International French School Of SydneyNSWIndependentMajor Cities84.80%
49Redeemer Baptist SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities84.80%
50Ravenswood School for GirlsNSWIndependentMajor Cities84.74%
51St Andrew's Cathedral SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities84.66%
52Cheltenham Girls High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities84.55%
53Newington CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities84.46%
54Newcastle Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities84.45%
55Loreto KirribilliNSWIndependentMajor Cities84.41%
56Cranbrook SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities84.38%
57St Catherine's SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities84.35%
58Sefton High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities84.30%
59The King's SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities84.26%
60German International School SydneyNSWIndependentMajor Cities84.20%
61Cherrybrook Technology High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities84.16%
62Trinity Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities84.06%
63KambalaNSWIndependentMajor Cities83.97%
64Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities83.95%
65The Hills Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities83.83%
66Montgrove CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities83.76%
67Ryde Secondary CollegeNSWGovernmentMajor Cities83.68%
68Carlingford High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities83.66%
69Our Lady of Mercy College ParramattaNSWIndependentMajor Cities83.66%
70St Luke's Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities83.58%
71Mount St Benedict CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities83.39%
72Redfield CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities83.37%
73Loreto NormanhurstNSWIndependentMajor Cities83.36%
74International Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities83.33%
75The Illawarra Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities83.32%
76Pittwater House SchoolsNSWIndependentMajor Cities83.25%
77Killara High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities83.22%
78Emanuel SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities83.18%
79Macarthur Anglican SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities83.15%
80Covenant Christian SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities83.10%
81Masada CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities83.07%
82Pacific Hills Christian SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities83.04%
83Northern Beaches Secondary College Mackellar Girls CampusNSWGovernmentMajor Cities83.03%
84Kincoppal - Rose Bay School of the Sacred HeartNSWIndependentMajor Cities83.01%
85Macquarie Fields High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities82.99%
86Burwood Girls High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities82.97%
87Central Coast Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities82.97%
88Lindfield Learning VillageNSWGovernmentMajor Cities82.94%
89Tempe High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities82.92%
90William Clarke CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities82.92%
91Brigidine College St IvesNSWIndependentMajor Cities82.86%
92Castle Hill High SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities82.74%
93Mercy Catholic CollegeNSWCatholicMajor Cities82.72%
94St Clare's CollegeNSWCatholicMajor Cities82.63%
95St Mark's Coptic Orthodox CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities82.60%
96Kesser Torah CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities82.49%
97St Pius X CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities82.45%
98St Columba Anglican SchoolNSWIndependentInner Regional82.40%
99St Mary's Cathedral CollegeNSWCatholicMajor Cities82.35%
100Saint Ignatius' CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities82.35%

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