Australian Schools and Coronavirus – More NSW Schools Closed For Cleaning – 25th of July 2020

Three more NSW schools in Western Sydney was closed on Friday after multiple students were tested positive for Covid-19. The schools in question are as follows.

  • Cerdon College
  • Mary Immaculate Catholic Primary School
  • Freeman Catholic College

The schools are expected to reopen by middle of the next week. This sort of things has been happening fair frequently in the last few weeks in Australia. While in isolation the short school closures are not a big deal, however if we cannot eliminate this virus, we will have more and more frequent occurance of this and it is simply not sustanable in the long run.

We have similar geographic set up as New Zealand and if they can do it, we can eliminate the virus as well get our schools back to normal again. Rather than stuck in the current cycle of suppression, reopen and suppression again, it is better to bite the bullet and go for the elimination. There is an assumption by Federal and some state governments that complete elimination of the Covid-19 is not possible. We need to have some political courage and take the hard road to get Australia back to normal as soon as possible.

Australia wide there are a total of 13950 confirmed infections today and an increase of 374 which is equivalent to 2.75% from yesterday. Victoria counted 95.45% of the new Covid-19 infection for today in Australia. With the number of people on the street in Sydney, I do not think the suppression strategy will work for NSW. Eventually, we may have to bite the bullet and go for a hard lockdown like NZ went through.

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