Australian Schools and Coronavirus – NSW Schools Start Term 3 – 21st of July 2020

NSW schools started their term 3 today and my kids are both back to school now. Unfortunately with the surging growth of Covid-19 community infections in NSW, this may change very soon. The speed of infection currently spreading, unless we going into lockdown, there is a good chance that NSW schools will have to go back to remote learning again anyway.

Australia wide there are a total of 12428 confirmed infections today and an increase of 387 which is equivalent to 3.21% from yesterday. Victoria counted 96.64% of the new Covid-19 infection for today in Australia. Infections look like to be exploding in NSW as well, so it is likely we are heading towards the second wave is happening in Australia as well. I personally believe suppression is not a viable strategy and elimination then the vaccine is the only viable way forward from this point on.

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