Australian Schools and Coronavirus – More NSW Schools Suffer Temp Closure – 1st of August 2020

School closure due to Covid-19 virus is so regular now, people just seem to take it as it comes. Four more schools in NSW suffered a temp closure last week.

Fort Street High School
Freeman Catholic College
Mary Immaculate Catholic Primary School
EverLearn Preschool

The case of Fort Street High School is particularly interesting, the school was closed on Thursday due to possible Covid-19 case which test result turned out to be negative.

This is with a fairly low daily case level of around 20 in the NSW and if this jumps up more, the situation deteriorates very quickly resulting in a large number of school closures. It is a good demonstration of suppression strategy is not really sustainable and will cause massive disruption to the school educations. Given that we are on a large island, it is viable to try and eliminate the virus and keep a tight quarantine to wait for the development of the vaccine.

Australia wide there are a total of 17282 confirmed infections today and an increase of 417 which is equivalent to 2.47% from yesterday. Victoria counted 95.20% of the new Covid-19 infection for today in Australia. The cases are keep popping up everywhere in Sydney and Queensland already closed its border to residents of greater Sydney. It really will not take much for this to get really out of hand very quickly.

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