Australian Schools and Coronavirus – Second Wave? – 16th of June 2020

All students in every states are fully back into school now. With this it also brings back the risk of new Coronavirus infections.

Following are just some of the schools that are closed recently due to positive Coronavirus infections.


  • St Dominic’s School in Broadmeadows
  • Pakenham Springs Primary School
  • Strathmore Primary School


  • Laguna Street Public School
  • Rose Bay Public School

With more school related restrictions and general public social restrictions all being relaxed. It certainly heightens the chance and risk of second wave of Coronavirus. Given that it is impossible for Australia to completely close its border until the vaccine is available the risky of second wave will always be here.

Australia wide there are a total of 7347 confirmed infections today and an increase of 12 which is equivalent to 0.16% from yesterday. All states other than NSW and Vic basically got zero infection for very extended period now.

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