Australian Schools and Coronavirus – More School Restrictions Relaxed – 15th of June 2020

NSW schools have more restrictions relaxed, assemblies are back on now again. School bands are also back on again instead of the zoom practice for the last few weeks. Other than schools still bane parents inside the school itself, just about everything school wise are close to back to normal now. There are definitely some behaviour changes, most of the parents are waiting outside the school for the pickup and keeping a good distance between each other.

I have not heard anything about excursion and camps yet. They will probably be back on from next term.

Australia wide there are a total of 7335 confirmed infections today and an increase of 15 which is equivalent to 0.20% from yesterday. It appears other than NSW and Victoria, all other states had pretty much achieved total suppression. NSW had a few cases of community transmission cases poped up recently which is very concerning. My day to day life is more or less back to normal other than my wife and I still working from home still. We are still planning going on holiday in July and fingers crossed everything will still stay under control.

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