Chatswood Public and High School Upgrade

Anybody who has been to the Chatswood Public and High School recently can easily notice how cramped they are and facilities are very dated as well. Chatswood also has been a massive building boom recently, the multiple new high rise residential towers are the best proves of this. The upgrade plan has passed the planning and currently in the design stage.

Quoting the NSW school infrastructure website

  • More than 150 new and refurbished teaching spaces from Kindergarten to Year 12.
  • Increased quality active play space currently allocated to both schools.
  • Specialist teaching facilities such as maths, science and art rooms.
  • Dedicated performing arts spaces and music rooms at the high school.
  • New sports facilities and recreational areas.
  • New libraries and administration facilities.

You can find the detailed upgrade plan with the following link.

Chatswood Public and High School Upgrade Plan

The current demountable buildings on the site of Chatswood High School used by Chatswood Public School will continue used as it is. Forecasted completion date will be in late 2023.

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