NSW Government Primary School Ranking (Eastwood Public School 2015-2019)

One of recent visitor to the site Jason recently raised the question about fluctuating of the ranking of the Eastwood Public School over the years.

The following table shows the ranking and relevant percentage from 2015 to 2019. One more thing to note is that the percentage is based on the number one primary school Australia wide regardless of the school sector for the year in question. I only included the Government schools only comparison to make the comparison easier to perform.

Eastwood Public SchoolRankingPercentage

As you can see the percentage is actually very stable much more so than I expected actually. The fluctuating of the ranking in this particular case is almost all based on how well the other schools did in the relevant years. In reality, there is little difference in academic performance with ranking 11 or 29. Some movements with ranking are to normal and to be expected unless you are the top few schools that tend to always dominate the top positions.

Enrolment with government public schools at the primary level is based on catchment, so unless you are one of the top schools that tend to attract the best, some fluctuations year to year is to be expected.

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