Australian Schools and Coronavirus – 5th of June 2020

This is the second week that NSW students had been back to school full time now. I am much less stressed now which is great The kids are enjoying their time back at school, probably because they are cooped inside and lack of socialising as well.

Some additional rules were put into place, no assembly, no excursions and no sports teacher from outside of school as well.

Australia wide there are a total of 7251 confirmed infections today and an increase of 11 which is equivalent to 0.15% from yesterday. Most of the cases are from hotel quarantine of recently arrived in Australia. The complete suppression had been far more successful than I originally expected, only if we had started mandatory 14-day quarantine of recent arrivals, we may have achieved complete suppression already.

All the states are in the process of lifting lockdown restrictions. My local shopping centre is pretty much back to pre lockdown level of the crowd. My wife and I are still working full time from home. We do not expect this to change until August at the earliest.

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