Australian Schools and Coronavirus – Online Studying Stress For The Parents – 31st of March 2020

Day two of the second week of online study for the kids. I am getting progressively worn down by the needs to provide a semblance of close attention to help the kids with their study and also trying to do my day job at the same time as well. I found now I am the one really start to look forward to the school holiday. Today is really just trying to keep reinforcing the rules and avoid lapses. Stayed indoor again the whole day, I am getting a little restless myself but least we are saving heaps on the transportation costs.

With the way things are going, we very possibly will have the entire term 2 of schools taught via online platforms.

Australia wide there are a total of 4560 confirmed infections today and an increase of 311 which is equivalent to 7.32% from yesterday. No major new additional lockdowns announced today which is a nice change. Looking at what is happening the government probably will see what will happen in the next few days and weeks before deciding whether further more draconian lockdowns will be required or not.

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