Australian Schools and Coronavirus – Online Studying – 30th of March 2020

Monday and back to online school again. The daughter is doing fine with her school tasks and completed them without issue. The main problem is mostly making sure she does not get distracted and constantly chatting with her classmates on Discord. I am still focusing on the rule setting and guidance like finish the work first then chat and take appropriate rest in between sessions as well. Also making sure she understands that online activities at her age will be closely monitored.

The son is less used to use Google classrooms to carry out his daily studies, he is certainly getting better with it after last week. The Autumn school holiday starts next week in NSW and I will be happy to take a break from trying to juggle work and making sure the kids do their study as well at the same time.

We run out some of the essentials and visited the supermarket tonight. I feel the shortage is getting better, but there is still no egg and flour on the shelves when we visited. Other groceries shops seem to have plenty of eggs so it is likely this just issue with the particular supermarket we visited.

Australia wide there are total 4246 total infected people today and increase of 267 which is equivalent of 6.71% from yesterday. This is encouraging news, but I think this still has a way to go yet especially since we are getting closer to winter in the southern hemisphere so it may still hit us very hard in the coming weeks. To use the famous line, the “Winter is coming”.

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