Australian Schools and Coronavirus – 2nd of April 2020

Again another two days of struggle with my kids, it is definitely grinding me down. I had another talk with the daughter and basically lay it out that she does not want me looking over her shoulder all the time and I do not want to do that as well. She seems to take it well and let us see how well it goes and whether she will be more responsible when using the laptop. I am still trying to reinforce good habits which admittedly I did not learn myself probably until I was in my 30s.

I am more tired now at the end of the day than when I actually commute and go into the office. I need to learn to be more efficient at managing the kids. School’s teachers had come up with some really excellent learning material one of them is a video of art teacher showing how to do a particular drawing, both of mine kids loved it and the video was really high-value production.

Australia wide there are a total of 5135 confirmed infections today and an increase of 274 which is equivalent to 5.64% from yesterday. The slowdown in increase is predominately due to a drop in imported cases. This is understandable with the restriction of oversea visitors and compulsory quarantine for everyone entering Australia. The lockdowns currently in place should, in theory, keep a lid on the local community virus growth rate. However, no one can keep this going forever, so the real test will be what happens when the lockdowns are relaxed if eradication cannot be achieved.

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