Year 2014 Top 100 Sydney, NSW Public School Catchment Map

This is a follow up of the last map showing the top 100 NSW public school in Sydney. I hope your guys enjoyed it as much as I had. I will do a brief analysis entry on the two maps which just got created. Looking at the maps visually certainly reinforced a lot what we know already.


For reference there are 11 out of 100 not mapped, two of them are special type school with catchment defined. So this entry added additional 42 schools to the 47 of last entry. There is only one top 100 school in Sydney that there is no catchment map already created for it.

As usual contact the school in question for the final confirmation and you can also access the full catchment map by following this link.

  1. Ranking is obtained using information from bettereducation.

2 thoughts on “Year 2014 Top 100 Sydney, NSW Public School Catchment Map”

  1. hi, the top 100 public school map was really useful. would you be able to share the map access so i can link it to my google maps? Thanks.

    1. Hi Kev,

      Unfortunately I had to disable the access to the base google map, one reason being I am not fully happy with Google map and looking at a replacement option. There are other reasons that I cannot disclose at this moment.

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