Year 2014 Top 50 NSW Public School Catchment Map

I am a geek at heart and now that I am older, I have fully embraced the fact. I always have great interest in public education and like many people lived Sydney already know rough where the top state public schools are located. However knowing roughly is different from looking at the exact locations on the map. With 300 Sydney public school catchment completed recently I have a good base to draw this data onto. Without further ado, here is the promised fun work for your guys to enjoy.

Check out the top 50 Sydney NSW public school in map.


There are only 3 odd ball out in the top 50 list, with one being the Sydney Distance Education Primary School and other two located outside of Sydney and yet to be mapped. The other 47 are covered by the existing map already.

I got some more mapping to do and will do a discussion of this in a future post.

As usual contact the school in question for the final confirmation and you can also access the full catchment map by following this link.

  1. Ranking is obtained using information from bettereducation.

3 thoughts on “Year 2014 Top 50 NSW Public School Catchment Map”

  1. Great work and the distribution is very interesting. It is a very good source for parents in Sydney. Keep up the good work and I am eagerly waiting for new updates.

  2. Hey this is all really great info presented very well thank you but… It does not seem to separate primary and secondary am I wrong and if not do you intend to do that.

    Again thanks for your efforts

    1. Hi,

      The top 50 in this blog entry is primary level, there is no secondary level mapping as of yet. Mapping secondary public school catchments are much more complicated and I am also constrained by the time that is available to me to do gather and compile the relevant information.

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