Top 100 Ranking NSW Sydney Primary School For The Year Of 2019 (Government and Non-government)

Top ranking NSW Sydney primary schools for the year 2019. The result is a combination of both year 3 and 5 numbers from NAPLAN. One thing to note is some schools listed have very low enrolment number so the result is possibly not a reliable reflection of the entire school’s performance and historically can have big fluctuations as well. This is why I also included the enrolment number here, some school got big enrolment number as well due to they are classified as combined with both primary and secondary components counted together. One more thing to note is that percentage is based on the number one primary school regardless of school sector Australia wide.

RankingSchool NameStateSchool SectorLocationTotal EnrolmentPercentage
1Sydney Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities1860100.00%
2McAuley Catholic Primary SchoolNSWCatholicMajor Cities11098.76%
3St Aloysius' CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities126097.07%
4John Colet SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities22896.57%
5AbbotsleighNSWIndependentMajor Cities145994.72%
6Matthew Pearce Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities144694.13%
7Al Hikma CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities36993.52%
8St Ives North Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities92993.48%
9Hornsby North Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities94993.45%
10Sydney Distance Education Primary SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities17793.34%
11Artarmon Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities124893.09%
12Holy Family Catholic Primary SchoolNSWCatholicMajor Cities21992.74%
13Beaumont Road Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities40892.45%
14Murray Farm Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities98892.28%
15Northcross Christian SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities35792.21%
16Pymble Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities64392.01%
17Pymble Ladies' CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities227391.99%
18Knox Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities303091.56%
19St Francis of Assisi Regional Catholic Primary SchoolNSWCatholicMajor Cities20591.51%
20Coogee Boys' Preparatory SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities12591.41%
21Beecroft Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities89091.35%
22Carlingford West Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities152891.34%
23Arkana CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities20791.15%
24Holy Cross Catholic Primary SchoolNSWCatholicMajor Cities25891.10%
25Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Primary SchoolNSWCatholicMajor Cities11490.89%
26Meriden SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities127690.89%
27Ascham SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities118190.87%
28Cammeray Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities88890.86%
29Annangrove Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities10890.82%
30Loreto KirribilliNSWIndependentMajor Cities110490.75%
31Wenona SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities113890.68%
32Woollahra Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities76790.51%
33Waitara Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities97890.43%
34Epping Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities63190.34%
35Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary SchoolNSWCatholicMajor Cities42290.27%
36North Rocks Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities84690.26%
37Epping West Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities129090.17%
38Tangara School for GirlsNSWIndependentMajor Cities61690.07%
39Arden Anglican SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities85989.96%
40Al Noori Muslim SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities185189.95%
41Lindfield East Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities67489.93%
42SCEGGS DarlinghurstNSWIndependentMajor Cities93089.93%
43Charlestown South Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities23389.83%
44The King's SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities177289.79%
45Chatswood Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities131589.76%
46Eastwood Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities90789.76%
47Hurstville Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities123489.69%
48Cherrybrook Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities90389.69%
49Warrawee Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities68789.62%
50Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary SchoolNSWCatholicMajor Cities14089.59%
51Lindfield Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities82289.57%
52Roseville Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities63889.55%
53St George Christian SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities78589.50%
54Reddam HouseNSWIndependentMajor Cities122389.47%
55Barker CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities221089.43%
56Roseville CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities97389.41%
57KambalaNSWIndependentMajor Cities97289.41%
58SCECGS RedlandsNSWIndependentMajor Cities160089.38%
59Presbyterian Ladies' College SydneyNSWIndependentMajor Cities135489.35%
60Gib Gate SchoolNSWIndependentInner Regional12489.33%
61Neutral Bay Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities95989.29%
62Emanuel SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities82989.26%
63Oakhill Drive Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities76089.21%
64Randwick Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities95889.16%
65St Mary's Catholic Primary SchoolNSWCatholicMajor Cities43889.11%
66The Scots CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities196789.07%
67Gordon West Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities58289.05%
68Sacred Heart Catholic Primary SchoolNSWCatholicMajor Cities29389.05%
69Al-Faisal College - CampbelltownNSWIndependentMajor Cities65789.05%
70Balmain Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities37989.00%
71Ermington Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities40288.99%
72St Catherine's SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities101388.95%
73Cranbrook SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities148288.87%
74Earlwood Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities65688.80%
75Newington CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities201588.78%
76Central Coast Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities128288.78%
77St Columba's Catholic Primary SchoolNSWCatholicMajor Cities17488.76%
78St Francis Xavier's Catholic Primary SchoolNSWCatholicMajor Cities19088.75%
79Lane Cove Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities86788.63%
80Our Lady of Dolours Catholic Primary SchoolNSWCatholicMajor Cities31488.63%
81St Mary's Catholic Primary SchoolNSWCatholicMajor Cities20288.59%
82SHORE - Sydney Church of England Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities164188.59%
83QueenwoodNSWIndependentMajor Cities89688.56%
84Kincoppal - Rose Bay School of the Sacred HeartNSWIndependentMajor Cities91188.54%
85Kent Road Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities79088.51%
86Summer Hill Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities76188.49%
87Bellevue Hill Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities56688.47%
88St Anthony's Catholic Primary SchoolNSWCatholicMajor Cities17988.44%
89Mosman Church of England Preparatory SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities30188.39%
90St Raphael's Catholic Primary SchoolNSWCatholicMajor Cities22188.35%
91International Grammar SchoolNSWIndependentMajor Cities118688.32%
92Prouille Catholic Primary SchoolNSWCatholicMajor Cities20388.30%
93St Brendan's Catholic Primary SchoolNSWCatholicMajor Cities17688.27%
94Oatley West Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities58988.25%
95Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic SchoolNSWCatholicMajor Cities44188.25%
96Epping Heights Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities55188.23%
97Greenwich Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities48788.21%
98Al-Faisal CollegeNSWIndependentMajor Cities220088.18%
99Excelsior Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities56088.16%
100St Joseph's Primary SchoolNSWCatholicMajor Cities38888.15%

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3 thoughts on “Top 100 Ranking NSW Sydney Primary School For The Year Of 2019 (Government and Non-government)”

  1. What happened with the rankings this year? Seems like there’s been a big shake up. Eastwood Public was often ranked in the top 20, but this year 46? West Ryde and Denistone East Public have always been on the list, but this year no where to be seen? It’d be great if admin could come up with a detailed analysis of the movements each year. Cheers.

    1. Hi Jason,

      I did some quick numbers and comparison, Eastwood Public School actually has been very stable in terms of performance. See the following link

      West Ryde Public School looks to have some fluctuations, but not unexpected. You can have some real gems in one year that are not present in the other as government schools enrolment is based on the catchment. However, when you get to the real top end, they tend to attract bests and that will reduce the chance of this happening greatly.

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