Top 100 Ranking Queensland Brisbane Primary Schools For The Year Of 2023 (Non-government/Private)

Top ranking Queensland Brisbane primary schools (Non-government/Private) for the year 2023. The result is a combination of both year 3 and 5 numbers from NAPLAN. One thing to note is some schools listed have very low enrolment numbers so the result is possibly not a reliable reflection of the entire school’s performance and historically can have big fluctuations as well. This is why I also included the enrolment number here, some schools got big enrolment numbers as well due to they are classified as combined with both primary and secondary components counted together. One more thing to note is that percentage is based on the number one primary school regardless of school sector Australia-wide.

1Citipointe Christian CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities90.43%
2Ipswich Grammar SchoolQLDIndependentMajor Cities89.98%
3St Peters Lutheran CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities89.43%
4Anglican Church Grammar SchoolQLDIndependentMajor Cities89.13%
5Somerville HouseQLDIndependentMajor Cities88.89%
6St Margaret's Anglican Girls SchoolQLDIndependentMajor Cities88.44%
7Ormiston CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities88.44%
8Brisbane Boys' CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities88.43%
9The Southport SchoolQLDIndependentMajor Cities88.22%
10Clayfield CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities88.17%
11Whitsunday Anglican SchoolQLDIndependentInner Regional87.43%
12St Ignatius SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities87.17%
13Matthew Flinders Anglican CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities87.03%
14St Aidan's Anglican Girls SchoolQLDIndependentMajor Cities86.12%
15Northside Christian CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities86.09%
16St Hilda's SchoolQLDIndependentMajor Cities85.83%
17St Columba's Primary SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities85.78%
18A B Paterson CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities85.67%
19St Finbarr's SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities85.57%
20Good News Lutheran SchoolQLDIndependentMajor Cities85.19%
21Redeemer Lutheran CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities85.12%
22Immanuel Lutheran CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities85.04%
23Our Lady of Mount Carmel SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities84.88%
24Sheldon CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities84.76%
25Ipswich Girls' Grammar SchoolQLDIndependentMajor Cities84.66%
26John Paul CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities84.54%
27St Peters Lutheran College SpringfieldQLDIndependentMajor Cities84.29%
28Cannon Hill Anglican CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities84.11%
29The Glennie SchoolQLDIndependentInner Regional83.71%
30Brisbane Christian CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities83.67%
31St Joseph's SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities83.54%
32Sts Peter and Paul's SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities83.47%
33Somerset CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities83.43%
34Holy Family Primary SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities83.35%
35St Andrew's Anglican CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities83.26%
36The Springfield Anglican CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities83.24%
37Townsville Grammar SchoolQLDIndependentOuter Regional83.16%
38St Ambrose's Primary SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities83.11%
39Christ the King SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities83.02%
40Peace Lutheran CollegeQLDIndependentOuter Regional83.02%
41St Thomas' SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities82.97%
42The Rockhampton Grammar SchoolQLDIndependentInner Regional82.93%
43St Anthony's SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities82.87%
44St Dympna's Parish SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities82.81%
45St William's Primary SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities82.74%
46The Lakes CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities82.68%
47All Saints Anglican SchoolQLDIndependentMajor Cities82.68%
48Annandale Christian CollegeQLDIndependentOuter Regional82.64%
49Saint Stephen's CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities82.56%
50St Paul's SchoolQLDIndependentMajor Cities82.54%
51Pacific Lutheran CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities82.50%
52St Joseph's Primary SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities82.49%
53Moreton Bay Boys' CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities82.49%
54Toowoomba Anglican SchoolQLDIndependentInner Regional82.40%
55St Philomena SchoolQLDIndependentMajor Cities82.35%
56St Elizabeth's SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities82.25%
57Moreton Bay CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities82.07%
58St Joseph's Primary SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities81.99%
59Sunshine Coast Grammar SchoolQLDIndependentMajor Cities81.94%
60Mother of Good Counsel SchoolQLDCatholicOuter Regional81.82%
61Trinity Anglican SchoolQLDIndependentOuter Regional81.76%
62St John's Anglican CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities81.75%
63Hillcrest Christian CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities81.59%
64St Ita's Regional Primary SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities81.51%
65Fairholme CollegeQLDIndependentInner Regional81.51%
66Our Lady of the Rosary SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities81.40%
67St Catherine's Catholic Primary SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities81.37%
68Holy Spirit SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities81.26%
69St Peter Chanel Primary SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities81.21%
70St Agatha's Primary SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities81.16%
71Highlands Christian CollegeQLDIndependentInner Regional81.11%
72Westside Christian CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities81.09%
73Our Lady of the Assumption SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities81.02%
74Our Lady of Fatima Primary SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities80.94%
75Our Lady of the Angels' SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities80.87%
76St Joseph's Catholic School - The StrandQLDCatholicOuter Regional80.87%
77St Andrews Lutheran CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities80.85%
78St Saviour's Primary SchoolQLDCatholicInner Regional80.83%
79St Kevin's SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities80.76%
80Emmanuel CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities80.76%
81Queen of Apostles Primary SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities80.63%
82St Joachim's SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities80.59%
83All Saints Primary SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities80.56%
84Toowoomba Grammar SchoolQLDIndependentInner Regional80.52%
85Genesis Christian CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities80.21%
86St Pius' Primary SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities80.20%
87Toowoomba Christian CollegeQLDIndependentInner Regional80.20%
88The Cathedral School of St Anne and St JamesQLDIndependentOuter Regional80.16%
89St Benedict's Catholic Primary SchoolQLDCatholicInner Regional80.13%
90St Brendan's Catholic Primary SchoolQLDCatholicInner Regional80.09%
91Our Lady of Lourdes Primary SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities79.97%
92St Stephen's SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities79.96%
93Mueller CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities79.87%
94Redlands CollegeQLDIndependentMajor Cities79.87%
95St Agnes SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities79.83%
96St Kevin's SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities79.83%
97St Joseph's SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities79.78%
98St Luke's Anglican SchoolQLDIndependentInner Regional79.78%
99Marymount Primary SchoolQLDCatholicMajor Cities79.77%
100St Joseph's SchoolQLDCatholicOuter Regional79.75%

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