Top Ranking Tasmanian Hobart Secondary School For The Year Of 2022 (Non-government and Private)

Top ranking Tasmanian Hobart Secondary Schools (Non-government and Private) for the year 2022. The result is a combination of both year 7 and 9 numbers from NAPLAN. One thing to note is some schools listed have very low enrolment numbers so the result is possibly not a reliable reflection of the entire school’s performance and historically can have big fluctuations as well. This is why I also included the enrolment number here, some schools got big enrolment numbers as well due to they are classified as combined with both primary and secondary components counted together. One more thing to note is that the percentage is based on the number one primary school regardless of school sector Australia-wide. Just to be clear that the particular school is James Ruse Agricultural High School for the year 2022.

RankingSchool NameStateSchool SectorLocationPercentage
1OneSchool Global TasTASIndependentInner Regional84.63%
2Fahan SchoolTASIndependentInner Regional83.37%
3The Friends' SchoolTASIndependentInner Regional83.21%
4St Michael's Collegiate SchoolTASIndependentInner Regional81.82%
5Tarremah Steiner SchoolTASIndependentInner Regional81.40%
6Launceston Church Grammar SchoolTASIndependentInner Regional81.31%
7Calvin Christian SchoolTASIndependentInner Regional80.82%
8John Calvin SchoolTASIndependentInner Regional80.76%
9Scotch Oakburn CollegeTASIndependentInner Regional79.96%
10The Hutchins SchoolTASIndependentInner Regional79.89%
11Mount Carmel CollegeTASCatholicInner Regional79.70%
12Newstead Christian SchoolTASIndependentInner Regional79.65%
13Southern Christian CollegeTASIndependentInner Regional79.63%
14St Mary's CollegeTASCatholicInner Regional79.10%
15Launceston Christian SchoolTASIndependentInner Regional78.96%
16Leighland Christian SchoolTASIndependentOuter Regional78.66%
17Geneva Christian CollegeTASIndependentOuter Regional77.97%
18MacKillop Catholic CollegeTASCatholicInner Regional77.87%
19Marist Regional CollegeTASCatholicOuter Regional77.83%
20St Brendan-Shaw CollegeTASCatholicInner Regional77.17%
21St Patrick's CollegeTASCatholicInner Regional77.07%
22Dominic CollegeTASCatholicInner Regional76.95%
23St Aloysius Catholic CollegeTASCatholicInner Regional76.64%
24Circular Head Christian SchoolTASIndependentOuter Regional74.51%
25Sacred Heart CollegeTASCatholicInner Regional74.50%
26St Virgil's CollegeTASCatholicInner Regional74.49%
27Hilliard Christian SchoolTASIndependentInner Regional73.21%
28Star of the Sea Catholic CollegeTASCatholicOuter Regional73.17%
29Emmanuel Christian SchoolTASIndependentInner Regional72.25%
30St James Catholic CollegeTASCatholicOuter Regional71.54%
31Eastside Lutheran CollegeTASIndependentInner Regional71.38%
32North West Christian SchoolTASIndependentOuter RegionalN/A
33Indie School - DevonportTASIndependentInner RegionalN/A

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