Online Learning For Sydney Students For The Next Two Weeks

Victoria is entering a new round of lockdown and students will have to do the online learning again. NSW school holiday had ended earlier this week and will have to spend at least the first three weeks of term 3 this year with online learning.

With what happened previously I think this particular lockdown in Sydney and associated online learning will not likely end towards mid of term 3 at the least.

I just want to do a quick review of online learning with my own children. My elder one is in high school this year in the local government high school. The school in question is very well organized and drilled the students previously on the procedures and what needs to be done in case of a lockdown. All high school students got their own laptop and use it extensively already in their day-to-day schooling, the school is also well organised and required information went out to all students in their email and Google classrooms before the term starts. The schedule pretty much mirrors the in-school one and they perform roll call in the morning and stay in zoom all day.

My younger one is still in primary school and the school in question is also fairly well organized. We picked up a laptop from school on Tuesday morning and relevant information was also emailed to us and the student’s Google classroom as well. The scheduling is a lot less tightly organized reflecting the student’s corresponding abilities at different ages as well.

Both of my children went through online learning last year, so they all got exposure to this routine and are enduring it fairly well. I personally felt a lot easier this time around whereas last year was very much like herding cats most of the time.

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