Pyrmont Stabbing And Reflection On School Violence During My High School Years

The recent Pyrmont Stabbing by a number of school students on a stranger caught a lot of media attention. I will not go into detail on the case, anyone interested in that can search it up themself.

I will just go over my personal experience at high school in Sydney. I went to an average middle of the road none selective government high school. I personally had a good time and made a lot of good friends. Violence in the school itself is very rare and I don’t remember withness any serious fights myself.

I have known people in year higher than me got into a tussle with someone and gathered his friends from outside the school they had for a fight near the station. The guy got expelled for this afterwards. I have also heard stories of people got robbed of their shoes, yes you heard it right, never seen it myself.

A guy from Taiwan likes to carry a butterfly knife around the school, he eventually got into trouble for something else not for fighting and transferred out of the school.

Things got more serious in the later years, there are two groups in my school one got Lebanese and another Vietnamese background. They do not get along at all, but I never heard any fights or such. Until one-day crap hits the fan, before the school in a shop the two groups got into a fight, one of the guy from Vietnamese group pulled a knife and stabbed one from another group in the stomach. He survived, but I never saw him in the school again.

However, I want to convey my high school life was pretty uneventful and I never felt unsafe or anything of the such. I do hear stories of some schools can be pretty wild, a particular teacher got threw out of the window, a student trying to run over a teacher with a bike etc. Primary school teacher is a very popular profession with demand far outstrips position available. It is much easier to secure a high school teaching position, I think precisely because primary school students are much easier to deal with. Not easy being a high school teacher in Australia and I have a lot of respect for them.

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