Top Ranking Northern Territory Darwin Secondary School For The Year Of 2019 (Government/Public)

Top ranking Northern Territory Darwin Secondary Schools (Government and Public) for the year 2019. The result is a combination of both year 7 and 9 numbers from NAPLAN. One thing to note is some schools listed have very low enrolment number so the result is possibly not a reliable reflection of the entire school’s performance and historically can have big fluctuations as well. This is why I also included the enrolment number here, some school got big enrolment number as well due to they are classified as combined with both primary and secondary components counted together. One more thing to note is that the percentage is based on the number one primary school regardless of school sector Australia wide. Just so to be clear that the particular school is James Ruse Agricultural High School for the year of 2019.

RankingSchool NameStateSchool SectorLocationTotal EnrolmentPercentage
1Alice Springs School Of The AirNTGovernmentRemote8079.29%
2Darwin Middle SchoolNTGovernmentOuter Regional81878.76%
3Dripstone Middle SchoolNTGovernmentOuter Regional51776.88%
4Nightcliff Middle SchoolNTGovernmentOuter Regional32175.25%
5Taminmin CollegeNTGovernmentOuter Regional111071.36%
6Palmerston CollegeNTGovernmentOuter Regional111671.20%
7Nhulunbuy High SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote29870.48%
8Sanderson Middle SchoolNTGovernmentOuter Regional41770.14%
9Centralian Middle SchoolNTGovernmentRemote32267.00%
10Katherine High SchoolNTGovernmentRemote54266.65%
11Batchelor Area SchoolNTGovernmentRemote11563.77%
12Minyerri SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote14161.39%
13Jabiru Area SchoolNTGovernmentRemote17458.42%
14Tennant Creek High SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote18357.85%
15Borroloola SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote18953.84%
16Barunga SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote9953.29%
17Shepherdson CollegeNTGovernmentVery Remote46448.09%
18Maningrida CollegeNTGovernmentVery Remote57647.62%
19Gunbalanya SchoolNTGovernmentRemote23346.07%
20Milingimbi SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote31542.57%
21Ngukurr SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote27041.78%
22Kintore Street SchoolNTGovernmentRemote45N/A
23Arlparra SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote158N/A
24Katherine School Of The AirNTGovernmentRemote162N/A
25Alyangula Area SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote153N/A
26Alekarenge SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote79N/A
27Angurugu SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote97N/A
28Gapuwiyak SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote181N/A
29Kalkaringi SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote149N/A
30Lajamanu SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote172N/A
31Numbulwar SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote131N/A
32Ramingining SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote252N/A
33Yirrkala SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote154N/A
34Yuendumu SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote231N/A
35Yirrkala Homeland SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote85N/A
36Alpurrurulam SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote104N/A
37Ampilatwatja SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote92N/A
38Areyonga SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote26N/A
39Bulman SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote62N/A
40Canteen Creek SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote39N/A
41Elliott SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote43N/A
42Harts Range SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote58N/A
43Jilkminggan SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote77N/A
44Laramba SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote59N/A
45Mamaruni SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote50N/A
46Mataranka SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote29N/A
47Milikapiti SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote52N/A
48Mount Allan SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote64N/A
49Murray Downs SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote20N/A
50Mutitjulu SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote48N/A
51Neutral Junction SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote21N/A
52Nganmarriyanga SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote102N/A
53Ntaria SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote185N/A
54Nyirripi SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote49N/A
55Papunya SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote128N/A
56Peppimenarti SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote58N/A
57Pularumpi SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote45N/A
58Robinson River SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote41N/A
59Ti Tree SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote78N/A
60Timber Creek SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote40N/A
61Alyarrmandumanja Umbakumba SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote50N/A
62Warruwi SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote75N/A
63Watiyawanu SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote46N/A
64Willowra SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote85N/A
65Rockhampton Downs SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote20N/A
66Wugularr SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote106N/A
67Yarralin SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote48N/A
68Yulara SchoolNTGovernmentVery Remote42N/A
69Top End School of Flexible LearningNTGovernmentOuter Regional85N/A

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