Interesting Tidbit With Killara Public School

While I was researching for the school introduction piece with the Killara Public School, I noticed something interesting regarding the percentage of students at Killara Public School coming from language backgrounds other than English. If you missed the previous article regarding Killara Public School, you can find them as following.

Alright lets first look at stats first

  • 2008 : Enrolment 219 : Percentage of non English background is 18%
  • 2009 : Enrolment 225 : Percentage of non English background is 32%
  • 2010 : Enrolment 250 : Percentage of non English background is 38%
  • 2011 : Enrolment 272 : Percentage of non English background is 30%
  • 2012 : Enrolment 303 : Percentage of non English background is 38%
  • 2013 : Enrolment 321 : Percentage of non English background is 43%
  • 2014 : Enrolment 360 : Percentage of non English background is 52%
  • 2015 : Enrolment 384 : Percentage of non English background is 53%
  • 2016 : Enrolment 440 : Percentage of non English background is 55%
  • 2017 : Enrolment 447 : Percentage of non English background is 59%
  • 2018 : Enrolment 428 : Percentage of non English background is 63%

The enrolment increase I have already discussed in the previous article. However take a note of the increase of students with non English background, it went from 18 percent in 2008 to 63 percent in 2018. This is very significant changes consider Killara is one of the “old” suburb and established for a long time, also dominated by detached housings until recent years.

Let’s go over this in a bit more detail for those that are not familiar with the public schools in the Sydney north shore areas. All the public schools in Sydney north shore area that I know of all got larger kindergarten cohorts than their year four to six counterparts. For example, the kindergarten can easily have six class compare to two in year six. The class size is smaller in kindergarten level from memory is 20 compare up to 30 in year six. This means that it is not unusual to have double the number of kindergarten students compare to year six.

What happens is many parents often opt for the local public school when the children are young to take advantage of local proximity. When the kids got older from roughly year 3 onwards, a lot will be leaving for the private schools. This is a very common phenomenon in the north shore area.

Now we got that out of the way, let’s do some number regarding this using the fact above. For the students entered kindergarten with the school in 2012, they will be year six in 2018. You will get new students join and some leave, however, the composition do not change as significantly compare to the changes in kindergarten enrolment. If kindergarten in 2012 got 45 per cent of non-English background and in 2016 to achieve the school-wide ratio of 63 per cent, the kindergarten class in 2018 probably has a non-English background ratio of 75 to 80 per cent.

So here is another interesting series of study of Killara Public School. I enjoyed the research and the actual visit to the school. So I wish everyone a happy Sunday and enjoy the sleep in.

As usual, contact the school in question or Department of Education for the final confirmation and you can also access the full NSW and Sydney Public School Catchment Map by following this link.

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