NSW/Sydney Public School Catchment Map

Please refer to the link above for the full NSW, Sydney public school catchment map. The original Google map version is no longer provided as I have stopped updating it and it contains not up to date information. I have almost completely revamped the entire catchment map. It is no longer fair to provide that anymore, so I have removed the public access to it. Again please refer to the above link for the up to date catchment map for NSW, Sydney Public Schools. I have also shifted to a different mapping technology provider which is not free but provide service more in line with what I needed to in comparison to Google Map.

Sydney Public School Interactive Map

As usual, we recommend you contact the school in question or Department of Education for the final confirmation.

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37 thoughts on “NSW/Sydney Public School Catchment Map”

  1. Where do you get your data? The boundaries marked for my local school (Como PS) don’t match the map on the school’s website. Your map shows the boundary at the southern end being Box Rd whereas the school’s map shows it at Wiak Rd.

    1. Hi Kate,

      Not sure what happened on this one, I have to chalk down to human error. Catchment Maps from school’s website is my primary source of information. Much appreciated for pointing out the error and I have amended that now in the map. As usual I always recommend contacting the school or Department of Education for final confirmation.

    1. Hi Matt,

      There is currently none existed for Sydney that I am aware of for high school catchment areas. I am looking at possibly doing one, however I could not afford the time investment right now. Also at high school level schools are organized differently and same address can end up be covered by up to three school. Some schools have this information on their website, it is likely the easiest and best place to start looking for this information.

  2. Penshurst West PS (on Scott St, Penshurst) catchment is shown as Peakhurst West. There’s 2 x peakhurst west and no Penshurst west on the list. Assume this is an error?

    1. Hi Kate, Thank you for pointing out that to me, it is human error on my part. I have amended that now.

  3. Hi, just checked epping west ps school catchment and there’s slight difference from yours to their website. Not sure if you would like to update it.

    1. Thank you Ruby, I have reviewed the catchment map and look like I am missing the south west and south east edges, I have fixed now and if there is still area that does not match, please let me know and I will fix it as well. Much appreciated for the feedback and have a good day.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I had a quick search on Brighton-Le-Sands Public School and surrounding schools, there does not seem to be anything regarding changes to catchment. Do you happens to have access to this information? I will try to dig for a bit more on my end as well.

  4. Hi there I wondered about the widemere catchment. Does it include that one side of Percival road? Ta

    1. Hi Kate,

      From the information I can gather, I do believe the catchment of Widemere Public School does included the west side of the Percival Rd. East side of Percival Rd are industrial area and not zoned for residential use from what I can see. As I recommend in all my blog entry, please contact the NSW Department of Education or the school in question for the final confirmation.

  5. Looks like the catchment for Bourke street public school is incorrect (sadly for me, I’m afraid). There is a cut out down to young street now… I live on the wrong side of the road so my daughter can not attend.

  6. Hi Admin,

    Where did you get your information on Summer Hill Public School. They have an address list that shows some areas you have for Canterbury high are actually in their catchment. The word doc is from 4th Feb 2015, is your info more update?

    1. Hi Bruce,

      I have went over the data available and neighbouring school’s catchment. I have probably made an error when originally translating the address list to the map format and cause the discrepancy. I have now update the catchment map for Summer Hill Public School and you can found it at http://www.schoolcatchment.com.au/?p=1380

  7. Are you able to identify the total residential population in each of the school catchments?

    1. Hi Peter,

      It will be very difficult to estimate the residential population within each school catchment for states like NSW. As the catchment does not follow the boundaries of suburbs. In ACT school catchment generally match the suburb boundaries, so in that case you can estimate the residential population within each zone fairly easily, this is very much not the case with other states. You will not only need data like number of dwellings fall into the each catchment and also census data for those dwellings to be able to come up with estimation. I am not even sure Department of Education will have data detailed to this level.

      Given enough access to raw data, it is certainly possible to work this out, but those data is something I do not have access to.

    1. Thank you for the correction, I have fix the name for the school pin drop now. The update to the actual google map will take a little while to be loaded.

    1. Hi Helen,

      Please refer to the actual map as shown in the http://www.schoolcatchment.com.au/?page_id=36 for the up to date school catchment map for Darlinghurst Public School. If that has any discrepancy, please let me know. I have also update the school specific page for Darlinghurst Public School. I have not got around to update most of the school specific pages yet and will get to them in next week or so hopefully. I am just jam packed with updating and creating whole bunch of maps right now.

  8. We live in Hutchinson Road, Zetland. According to your map we belong to the Gardeners Road Public School Catchment. Is that correct?

    My two granddaughters aged 8 and 9 would like to attend a nearby school that has access to the teaching of Chinese language. Can you please advise my best options?

    Thank you.

    1. The most painless method would be trying for out of area application for the school in question. However depend on school in question, if it is one that is currently in demand, the chance they have spare space after catering for local enrollment is very low. If it is one that is not in demand, you will have a more than fair chance of getting in via this method. That particular area is not one that I am overly familiar with and you’ll have

      I do know some very dedicated parents who rent a place for 6 month to legally reside in the catchment area of school in question. If you reside in the catchment area and can provided the supporting documents they will have to accept your kids. I normally do not condone or encourage method such as this as it is really “gaming” the system and not to mention expensive to do as well.

  9. Forgive my ignorance, but I’m in London and considering moving to Sydney. Am I correct in thinking that if you live within the catchment, you are guaranteed a place at the school?

    1. Hi,

      For Sydney that is correct, if you live in the catchment area for a particular school, then your children are guaranteed enrolment in it.

  10. Hi. We will be moving to Sydney from outside Australia in January but do not yet have anything arranged as to where we will rent. I know the are we are likely to stay and where I want my kids to goo to school but am still looking. We will only arrive just before schools start and will rent through Airbnb until our furniture arrives. Is there any way we can enrol at the school without a permanent address?

    1. Hi Peter,

      This will be very difficult, Sydney has individual catchment or intake area assigned to each school. One of the basic requirement of the school enrolment is the proof of residential address of the children who are being enrolled. You can try to contact the school in question or Department of Education directly to get a more clear clarification on your particular case. Many schools in Sydney are capacity constrained and will not accept any out of area applications and without a residential address, you will not even be able to to do that. Your case is very unusual, I would highly recommend doing the previously suggested and probably try contact the Department of Education first to get some clarification relating to your circumstance.

  11. Hi , when i bought my property in Marlow NSW, it showed a double school catchment ( Brooklyn school, Peats Ridge and Kariong as Spencer school has closed)but now i need to enroll my boys to a school they tell me it’s only brooklyn school catchment. Why?

    1. I did a quick verification, Marlow looks to be exclusively zoned for Brooklyn Public School as of now. NSW Department of Education does change school zoning from time to time depending on demand and available space in the schools in question. It is possible in the past that Marlow is zoned for other schools. It is however in my experience it rarely happens that an area will be zoned for more than one school at the same time.

  12. Hi Admin,
    I’ve checked with Cammeraygal High School that 19-23 Herbert Street, St Leonards are in their catchment but is different from your website.
    Could you please check ?

    1. Hi Chris,

      I have just confirmed with official data and this address is definitely within the catchment of Chatswood High School. It is close to the edge but definitely not part of Cammeraygal High School Catchment. I suggest contacting the school again to double-check with the official sources to confirm. Again the information provided here is just for reference. You will need to have confirmed the catchment information with the school in question.

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