A small tidbits about NSW Sydney high school catchment

I am preparing for more high school catchment update for Sydney which I will try to keep it happening on a daily basis in the near future while the information last. In one of the previous blog I mentioned there are three types of none selective state/public high school that is Boys, Girls and Co-educational type. With Boys and Girls only high schools, they are not obligate to accept every applicants from their catchment, for example if there are only enough space for 200 and there are 400 applicants then half will miss out. The usual criteria is residential proximity to the school in question. This scenario is fairly common for the single sex schools that are in demand such as Willoughby Girls etc.

Co-educational high school however are legally obligated to accept every local applicants who lives within the school catchment. Also all catchment for Boys and Girls high school are overlaid by a catchment of Co-educational high school.

It is very difficult to create map with three different similar layers on top of each other which would make it very difficult to read. I am going to start out by splitting all three types to their own maps. Possibly in the future when I will change or merge when more elegant solution is found.

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