Australian Capital Territory (ACT) School Catchment

I am slowly expanding the school catchment to all parts of Australia. I thought today I will explore ACT and take your guys alone with it. First and foremost, Google search, the search return shows that ACT Department of Education has a fair decent information on their website regarding the school catchment. First the terminology and not a surprise ACT got a different name for the school catchment, it calls them Priority Enrolment Area(PEA). Why the bureaucrats in each states coming up completely different way of describing same thing is beyond me.

Interesting part looking at description of PEA, it seems the school catchment pretty conform with the suburb boundaries. This is not something been done that I have seen in the other states so far. The suburb boundaries generally plays very little role on school catchment from what I seen so far.

Also Allhomes has a very decent map of the schools zone in their advanced mapping section. The map is not very searchable from what I see, but this is probably not a big a deal with the limited number of schools in ACT.

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