Top Ranking ACT Canberra Secondary School For The Year Of 2016

Top ranking ACT Canberra Secondary Schools for the year of 2016. The result is a combination of both year 7 and 9 numbers from NAPLAN. One thing to note is some schools listed have very low enrolment number so the result is possibly not a reliable reflection of the entire school’s performance and historically can have big fluctuations as well. This is why I also included the enrolment number here, some school got big enrolment number as well due to they are classified as combined with both primary and secondary components counted together. One more thing to note is that percentage is based on the number one primary school regardless of school sector Australia wide. Just so to be clear that particular school is James Ruse Agricultural High School for the year of 2016.

RankingSchool NameStateSchool SectorLocationTotal EnrolmentPercentage
1Canberra Girls Grammar SchoolACTNon-governmentMajor Cities147283.64%
2Canberra Grammar SchoolACTNon-governmentMajor Cities160082.08%
3Lyneham High SchoolACTGovernmentMajor Cities107381.79%
4Radford CollegeACTNon-governmentMajor Cities157681.46%
5Burgmann Anglican SchoolACTNon-governmentMajor Cities143181.44%
6Telopea Park SchoolACTGovernmentMajor Cities135881.38%
7Covenant Christian SchoolACTNon-governmentMajor Cities12680.15%
8Brindabella Christian CollegeACTNon-governmentMajor Cities79180.04%
9Orana Steiner SchoolACTNon-governmentMajor Cities57479.85%
10Trinity Christian SchoolACTNon-governmentMajor Cities109679.85%
11Merici CollegeACTNon-governmentMajor Cities82279.65%
12Alfred Deakin High SchoolACTGovernmentMajor Cities84179.54%
13Marist College CanberraACTNon-governmentMajor Cities158879.28%
14Emmaus Christian SchoolACTNon-governmentMajor Cities28678.90%
15St Clare's CollegeACTNon-governmentMajor Cities98778.83%
16Campbell High SchoolACTGovernmentMajor Cities71778.50%
17Daramalan CollegeACTNon-governmentMajor Cities141278.12%
18Canberra High SchoolACTGovernmentMajor Cities82677.32%
19St Mary MacKillop CollegeACTNon-governmentMajor Cities177476.51%
20St John Paul II CollegeACTNon-governmentMajor Cities47876.45%
21Harrison SchoolACTGovernmentMajor Cities157276.25%
22Mount Stromlo High SchoolACTGovernmentMajor Cities59676.23%
23St Francis Xavier CollegeACTNon-governmentMajor Cities116575.99%
24St Edmund's College CanberraACTNon-governmentMajor Cities97875.82%
25Amaroo SchoolACTGovernmentMajor Cities156875.76%
26Melrose High SchoolACTGovernmentMajor Cities74775.58%
27Gold Creek SchoolACTGovernmentMajor Cities110374.68%
28University of Canberra High School KaleenACTGovernmentMajor Cities27874.36%
29Belconnen High SchoolACTGovernmentMajor Cities37273.73%
30Caroline Chisholm SchoolACTGovernmentMajor Cities61973.09%
31Melba Copland Secondary SchoolACTGovernmentMajor Cities56772.35%
32Namadgi SchoolACTGovernmentMajor Cities62372.16%
33Wanniassa SchoolACTGovernmentMajor Cities41871.76%
34Kingsford Smith SchoolACTGovernmentMajor Cities79571.55%
35Lanyon High SchoolACTGovernmentMajor Cities33770.22%
36Calwell High SchoolACTGovernmentMajor Cities34068.92%
37Islamic School of CanberraACTNon-governmentMajor Cities19037.48%
38Blue Gum Community SchoolACTNon-governmentMajor Cities9737.32%

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