Top Ranking Northern Territory Darwin Primary Schools For The Year Of 2022 (Non-government/Private)

Top ranking Northern Territory Darwin primary schools (Non-government/Private) for the year 2022. The result is a combination of both year 3 and 5 numbers from NAPLAN. One thing to note is some schools listed have very low enrolment numbers so the result is possibly not a reliable reflection of the entire school’s performance and historically can have big fluctuations as well. This is why I also included the enrolment number here, some schools got big enrolment numbers as well due to they are classified as combined with both primary and secondary components counted together. One more thing to note is that percentage is based on the number one primary school regardless of school sector Australia-wide.

RankingSchool NameStateSchool SectorLocationPercentage
1Haileybury Rendall School北领地IndependentOuter Regional86.70%
2The Essington School北领地IndependentOuter Regional84.84%
3Alice Springs Steiner School北领地IndependentRemote79.59%
4St Mary's Catholic Primary School北领地CatholicOuter Regional78.81%
5St Paul's Catholic Primary School北领地CatholicOuter Regional77.90%
6Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School北领地CatholicOuter Regional77.85%
7Good Shepherd Lutheran College北领地IndependentOuter Regional76.88%
8Marrara Christian College北领地IndependentOuter Regional76.41%
9Living Waters Lutheran School北领地IndependentRemote75.57%
10Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College北领地CatholicRemote75.40%
11Nhulunbuy Christian College北领地IndependentVery Remote74.43%
12Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School北领地CatholicOuter Regional73.39%
13Sattler Christian College北领地IndependentOuter Regional73.22%
14Palmerston Christian College北领地IndependentOuter Regional73.17%
15Holy Family Catholic Primary School北领地CatholicOuter Regional73.15%
16St Joseph's Catholic College北领地CatholicRemote72.14%
17Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School北领地CatholicOuter Regional71.75%
18Araluen Christian College北领地IndependentRemote71.14%
19Ltyentye Apurte Catholic School北领地CatholicRemoteN/A
20Murrupurtiyanuwu Catholic Primary School北领地CatholicRemoteN/A
21Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Thamarrurr Catholic College北领地CatholicVery RemoteN/A
22Yipirinya School北领地IndependentRemoteN/A


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