Sneak Peak on Primary School Local Intake Area (Catchment) Map in Perth, Western Australia

I have been working on this for a while and thought this I would do a sneak peak blog entry. I have made good progress and plotted two hundred plus primary school local intake area (catchment) map in Western Australia, primarily in Perth. WA education department actually has most of local intake area of primary schools already on its website, plenty of them also only have a description and I had to manually plot those out. Looking at all the local intake area (catchment) of primary schools in one map also gives you a different prospective as well. Anyhow enough mumbling and here is a preview for the primary school catchment map for Perth, WA.

Perth Primary School School Zone Catchment Map


《Sneak Peak on Primary School Local Intake Area (Catchment) Map in Perth, Western Australia》有2个想法

  1. umm great, nowwe just need to be able to expand it, mayube use different colours for joining zones, name, ie. the swchool and its l;ocation, and the boundary roads… as it is doesnt really help me at all

    1. Thank you for your reply, I have edited this reply, I did not read your comment correctly, that is my bad.

      I have the map already but do not have the time to complete the work and refine it right now. It is still on the to do list, once I am able to put the finishing touch to it, I will make it public map like what I did with Melbourne and Sydney Primary Schools.


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