Choosing a school for your child (Part 2)

This is the continuation of choosing a school for your child article part 2. Three point I am going to discuss over this part

  • Private or public school

To many this maybe a personal preference on whether to send your children to private or public school. There are however many factors that also determine this, such as cost. Many private schools also have religious affiliation, another point for the parents to consider. The top private school will easily set you back 30k plus a year while even on the lower end you probably looking at at least a few thousand per year at a minimum. This may not seem a lot for some, but consider if you have two children going to the private school at same time, it is going cost a bundle. I know a couple who are on very good income level and sending three sons to a top Sydney private school, even they are struggling fair bit with the cost.

Public school in generally probably will set you back between one to two thousand per year. There are of course some additional cost like uniform etc. However in general the cost of sending multiple kids to public school is not a problem for average families. Generally the public school is excellent, however school in some area need to be avoided. I am personally is a support of the public school system, however if I live in certain area such as Phillip Bay, I would send my children to the private school.

If cost and religious affiliation is not an issue, just pick whatever is your personal preference. If academic performance is your major concern, top public school do just as well as the private ones. So in this particular case pick the one that suit your economic circumstance and personal preference.

  • Distance of the school to your home

Distance and travelling is a also a big concern, particular in the primary school years where they require supervised drop off and pick up. Spending two hour doing so would be a major problem for some parents. Two working parents in the modern age is fairly standard for many families and unless you have someone to help out full time, this is certainly something many will have to take into consideration when choosing a school. Personally most ideal is within walking distance to the school, obviously with the skyrocketing Sydney property prices, this is simply not possible all the time.

  • The academic performance of the school in question

The top private school has good academic performance and abundance of non academic programs which is a major draw point for many parents. The top public school also have excellent academic performance. The top public schools also have very strict catchment/intake area, so unless you live in the school catchment, it can be very difficult to get into them. In general a public school at the primary school is good because most of the parents are “Tiger Mothers”. If you shift the same set of parents to another school, it pretty much guarantee to make that into a top school as well.


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