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We Should Not Be Using Tax Payer’s Money To Push Social Engineering Ideas Of Either Side Of Politics

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This article in SMH More than 40 per cent of NSW school students nominate ‘no religion’: new data which I read today got some interesting stats.

More than 40 per cent of the 795,000 students in NSW’s public schools do not list any religion on their enrolment form, according to new data that comes as parents and teachers push for an overhaul of the strict rules that leave students with “dead time” if they do not attend scripture.

All schools must set aside at least 30 minutes each week for special religious education (SRE) but the data, released under freedom of information laws, shows that in more than 50 per cent of schools, most students do not nominate a religion.

There is a reason why we do not mix government with religion, our often bloody history should have taught us well in this matter. Religion has its place in our lives and people can make their own choices, we should not be using tax payer’s money to push social engineering ideas of either side of politics.

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