Top 100 Ranking Tasmania Hobart Primary Schools For The Year Of 2015 (Non-government/Private)

Top ranking Tasmania Hobart primary schools (Non-government/Private) for the year of 2015. The result is a combination of both year 3 and 5 numbers from NAPLAN. One thing to note is some schools listed have very low enrolment number so the result is possibly not a reliable reflection of the entire school’s performance and historically can have big fluctuations as well. This is why I also included the enrolment number here, some school got big enrolment number as well due to they are classified as combined with both primary and secondary components counted together. One more thing to note is that percentage is based on the number one primary school regardless of school sector Australia wide. Just so to be clear that particular school is Sydney Grammar School – Edgecliff Preparatory School and it is so far ahead of everybody else and is a bit of anomaly. Just about everybody else government or non-government pretty close together.

RankingSchool NameStateSchool SectorLocationTotal EnrolmentPercentage
1The Launceston Preparatory SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional10987.64%
2Fahan SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional37085.26%
3John Calvin SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional10285.26%
4St Michael's Collegiate SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional66784.55%
5The Friends' SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional123784.12%
6Calvin Christian SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional44284.00%
7Sacred Heart Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional40183.12%
8Channel Christian SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional7382.68%
9Corpus Christi Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional39882.32%
10Mount Carmel CollegeTASNon-governmentInner Regional54582.24%
11St Mary's CollegeTASNon-governmentInner Regional86282.20%
12Launceston Church Grammar SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional72181.74%
13Scotch Oakburn CollegeTASNon-governmentInner Regional96680.76%
14Oakwood SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional17380.76%
15Launceston Christian SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional62480.72%
16Newstead Christian SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional7980.49%
17The Hutchins SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional100880.47%
18The Cottage SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional7079.96%
19St Thomas More's Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional29779.36%
20Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional40979.04%
21St Joseph's Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentRemote10878.96%
22St Brigid's Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentOuter Regional13578.68%
23Leighland Christian SchoolTASNon-governmentOuter Regional52978.50%
24St John's Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentOuter Regional29178.11%
25St Cuthbert's Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional24077.95%
26Emmanuel Christian SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional15077.89%
27Dominic CollegeTASNon-governmentInner Regional87177.83%
28Sacred Heart CollegeTASNon-governmentInner Regional87277.65%
29Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional16977.02%
30Devonport Christian SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional16376.95%
31St Therese's Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional20076.85%
32Stella Maris Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentOuter Regional37476.73%
33Star of the Sea Catholic CollegeTASNon-governmentOuter Regional14276.61%
34St Aloysius Catholic CollegeTASNon-governmentInner Regional81876.53%
35Southern Christian CollegeTASNon-governmentInner Regional27176.53%
36St Brigid's Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional19176.47%
37North West Christian SchoolTASNon-governmentOuter Regional6976.32%
38St Virgil's CollegeTASNon-governmentInner Regional77275.86%
39Sacred Heart Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentOuter Regional14875.69%
40Sacred Heart Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentOuter Regional25775.27%
41Our Lady of Mercy Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentOuter Regional10775.18%
42Holy Rosary Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional39274.88%
43Larmenier Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional17174.47%
44St Patrick's Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentOuter Regional13874.23%
45Eastside Lutheran CollegeTASNon-governmentInner Regional16973.94%
46St Anthony's Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional18073.36%
47St Joseph's Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentRemote7273.18%
48John Paul II Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional13473.09%
49St Finn Barr's Catholic Primary SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional27972.85%
50Northern Christian SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional12372.60%
51Tarremah Steiner SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional21472.26%
52St Peter Chanel Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentOuter Regional19072.11%
53Circular Head Christian SchoolTASNon-governmentOuter Regional32272.06%
54St James' Catholic CollegeTASNon-governmentOuter Regional22571.72%
55Hilliard Christian SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional10870.87%
56St Paul's Catholic SchoolTASNon-governmentInner Regional16669.08%
57Geneva Christian CollegeTASNon-governmentOuter Regional17267.16%
58Seabrook Christian SchoolTASNon-governmentOuter Regional110N/A

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