South Australia School Zoning

I have done fairly extensive work on Victoria and NSW zoning has done articles on how the zoning works in those particular states. This one I will do a quick over in South Australia on how school zoning is defined here. I had a brief look and

  1. A number of schools at both primary and secondary level are defined with specific school zones. This is very similar to other defined school zones in other states as well, however from the brief experience I had looking at this zones, overlapping seems to be fairly common in South Australia and Victoria, not so much in rest of the states. The majority of the schools fall into #2 and #3.
  2. Families residing in the greater metropolitan area may be located in an ‘unzoned’ area. Students who live in ‘unzoned’ areas will be allocated to their closest school.
  3. Where the student lives more than 5 kilometers from the nearest school and lives in an ‘unzoned’ area, the allocated school is the school serviced by a DECD-provided school bus service.

DECD stands for Department for Education and Child Development in South Australia. What I can find on the DECD’s website does not specify about any metropolitan school zones. I am assuming they also follow the similar pattern in #2 and #3 above, but with larger distance or no distance constraint. This, of course, need to be confirmed by the South Australian Department of Education.



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