More Cheating In Our Schools

More examine papers got stolen in a different school according to this article Exam security breach forces HSC trial exams at Sydney school to be re-sat on SMH. This thing just never dies and I am surprised given the importance of HSC and related examines, these are the first instance I heard in Australia in my “limited” lifespan.

In the latest theft, an unnamed high school in the Ryde area has contacted parents to tell them that the serious security breach, which is believed to involve test papers being photographed using a smartphone, has meant that some students will need to redo their HSC trial exams.

This is precisely what I said what could happen, with the advent of smart phones, everybody essentially got a spy camera in their pocket. Why take the papers, just photograph them and it will serve the same purpose without leaving the obvious evidence. With the how the modern society becomes even more competitive, I expect more not less of this type of things to happen.

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