Why Computer And Technology Related Courses Are Becoming So Unpopular With Australian School Students?

I am sure that I cannot be the only one that notices what once was once highly touted various technology related courses such as software programming suffer progressively less enrolment and interest in both secondary and tertiary level. Media kept written articles on how important the technology such as coding skills are to our future and students should be encouraged to that direction.

Alright if software programming is so important and much emphasis on this by the government and media, why was enrolment was in significant decline over the recent years. All the media articles just go on about the importance of the skills themselves without going into the root of the issue.

To be brutally honest, job prospect and potentially income is of likely more importance to most students and their parents relating to other reasons. Ideally, you want to combine interest with job prospects. If being a Doctor or pushing paper earns more money and offers better job security, then by far majority of the students will gravitate towards that direction when choosing what to study.

Now let’s start looking at software programming career future, it earns better than average salary and got decent job prospect. However compare to many other careers you needs to constantly update your skills, relative insecure job security due to outsourcing and other reasons, etc. Why would students want to compete with the host of 457 visa holders and bad job security when there are easier and better options like finance there to be had.


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