Willoughby Public School Long Over Dued Expansion Plan

It is apparent to anyone who had visited Willoughby Public School recently which is that the school itself is really crowded. There are demountable everywhere and hardly any grass to be seen. I happen to be a frequent visitor so know this particular school very well. A real nice tree next to the sandpit had to be cut down last year to fit in one extra demountable classroom. Another one had to be fitted on the same playground next to the library taking up valuable open space. Existing school layout look like following

The previous extreme short-sightedness of NSW state government who closed and sold a number of schools in Sydney had come back and bite us in a real nasty fashion. Now with surging enrolment in the state particular many suburbs of Sydney, the new school had to be constructed and existing one expanded. Despite the significant investment recently by the state government, there is still a massive amount of shortfall in the existing school, not to mentioned the expected continue to increase in enrolment in the future.

Willoughby Public School is pretty much a case study of what had and is happening in NSW and Sydney, over last 20 years till now. Massive increase in population and demand in the North Shore area in Sydney had put increasing demand on the local schools. With increasing medium to high-intensity residential development in the local area, there will be increasing pressure on enrolment number for Willoughby Public School. I have already done a previous blog post about Willoughby Public School which you can found as following.

Willoughby Public School

I have read the recent local newspaper and saw the proposed upgrade plan and it is great to see something finally is going to be done about the overcrowding of the school and cater for the future increase in enrolment as well. More information can be found directly on Willoughby Public School’s website.

Demolition Plan

Concept Option 1

Concept Option 2

Concept Option 3

The preferred floor plan is as following.

Preferred Concept Option Floor Ground

Preferred Concept Option Floor One

Preferred Concept Option Floor Two