Willoughby Girls High School Catchment Map

I have added the second map for the Sydney High School Catchment Map, this one is specifically for girls high school only. Major changes in 2018, Willoughby Girls High School is getting a very defined catchment now.

Given that Willoughby Girls High School consistently ranked number one in the state in the state/public high school outside the selective ones, the demand is pretty big. There will be little chance of successful enrollment if applicant lives outside of the catchment area.


As usual contact the school in question or department of education for the final confirmation and you can also access the full High School Catchment Maps 通过点击此链接。


《Willoughby Girls High School Catchment Map》有8个想法

      1. it’s unfortunate that kid aren’t all afford such a great opportunity due to where they live.

        1. Hi Ruth,

          The public system is actually a lot fairer with a lower barrier of entry compared to the private system. The only requirement is that the student resides within the catchment. The reason why some public school are better than the others is mainly due to the quality of the local students within the catchment. Suburbs with better-educated parents with higher income will almost always lead to a better academic outcome in the local public schools, typical example of this phenomenon is public schools in Sydney North Shore and Northwest area where excellent public schools are very prevalent.

          There are exceptions to this as well, eastern suburbs in Eastern Sydney is an example of this, there are reasons for that as well. These are a bigger and more complex issue that is better discussed in more detail elsewhere other than comment area.


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