What the Chatswood Public School Catchment May Like in 2016 and 2019

Facing mounting enrolment pressure, a number of new public schools are being opened or expanded in Sydney North Shore area. What this means is once the new expansion and schools open, the existing catchment will change significantly. One prime example of this is Chatswood Public School. The school itself is under extreme enrolment number pressure and current proposal is to shift entire year 3 and 4 to the new demountables to be build on the grounds of Chatswood High School.

There is Lindfield West Public School opening to the north west, Mowbray Public School being expanded to host triple its current capacity to the west. Artarmon Public School is getting 12 new classrooms to the south. Out of all three Artarmon Public School is also under similar enrolment pressure and also mounting new enrolment from all the new apartments being build in its catchment area. What this means is that even with the new expansion the boundary between Artarmon and Chatswood Public is unlikely to change. To the west with the fairly large Lindfield West Public School opening in 2019, I am expecting large slice of western part of Chatswood Public School’s catchment will be shift to the new school to relief the pressure, however this is three years away still. Mowbray Public School expansion is scheduled to finish in 2016 and I suspect South West part of Chatswood Public School’s catchment will be sliced off and given to Mowbray Public School to give an immediate relief on enrolment numbers. All the other Public Schools around Chatswood Public Schools are also over crowded and I am not expecting major changes in boundaries between them. Following is what I speculate Chatswood Public School’s catchment may look like in a few year time.

Possible Future Chatswood Public School Catchment

As usual contact the school in question or Department of Education for the final confirmation and you can also access the full NSW and Sydney Public School Catchment Map by following this link.

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