Major delays in opening of new public schools in west Lindfield from 2017 to 2019

I just read the news that new public schools in west Lindfield on the old UTS Kuring-gai site is not expected to open until at least 2019, this is changed from original schedule of 2017, original article Overcrowded Sydney schools will wait longer for new space on SMH. The news has major implication for the North Shore area, this is the first major new school opening in a long time and urgently required to relief the strain a lot of public school in the area went through in the last few years. Some schools went through 40 to 50 percent increase in the number of students enrolled in just handful of years, Chatswood public school is probably one of the worst hit and with huge influx of new apartments being completed in next year or two in the area, this is going to get worse. Surrounding public schools all have similar issue and have very limited spare capacity to absorb the new influx.

Now is a bit of fun exercise on what potentially the school catchment of new Lindfield West Public School can look like in 2019 when it opens.

Lindfield West Public School Catchment Map

Most of potential catchment for the new Lindfield West Public School will likely coming out of Lindfield Public School which is very crowded and reducing its burden will allow it to cater for the increased apartments in its catchment and take over some of the load for its neighbouring schools as well. Also the most over crowded the school near by is Chatswood Public School, so I think there is a high chance that Chatswood West will ended up in the catchment of the Lindfield West Public School when it opens. Currently Chatswood West is far enough from Chatswood Public School, it not likely making that much difference shifting it to the new school. There is minor possibilities of part of the Beaumont Road Public School catchment gets shifted to the new Lindfield West, but its zone are well isolated and do not have a large number multi dwelling being completed, so its enrolment number is not likely to change significantly in the near future anyway. I do not see large change of its catchment when the new school opens.

So after 2019, I can see large part of Chatswood and Lindfield Public School’s catchment going to the new school. As a consequence, it is likely that surrounding schools will see changes to their catchment as well, such as Roseville and Killara Public School etc. Overall this is going to be interesting time and I cannot wait to see new investment in the public education to bear fruit and the opening of the new schools.

As usual contact the school in question or Department of Education for the final confirmation and you can also access the full NSW and Sydney Public School Catchment Map by following this link.

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