North Ryde Public School

North Ryde Public School was originally called City View Public School and established in 1876. The school changed its name to the current North Ryde Public School in 1877. The original building in Coxs Road was a brick and sandstone building which now houses the NSW Schoolhouse Museum of Public Education. It is one of the oldest school buildings in New South Wales(#1). There is a good chance that if your children is studying in one of the public school in Sydney, that they will end up visiting the museum one day.

North Ryde Public School is located on the Coxs road near the intersection with the Lane Cove Rd. In 2014 there are 282 students enrolled in the school and this is increase of 16% over the 238 students enrolled in 2008. This is probably higher increase than average school would see in the same time period, but certainly not the most extreme as well. In 2014, 50 percent of the students in the school are from none English language background. This number had not changed much since 2008, which actually is a little surprising. I am expecting this number to rise over the next few years, there are a lot of Asian buying into the suburb in the last few years.

North Ryde Public School has been doing very well recently academically and rising steadily in rank in general.


North Ryde Public School Catchment is bounded by the Shrimpton creek to the west and Lane Cove river to the north, Wicks road to the east and Quarry Road to the south. The catchment is mostly single dwellings, also a mix of medium density dwellings as well.

North Ryde Public School Catchment

North Ryde Public School is located not near any train stations despite the same name train station on the Chatswood-Epping line. For out of area students, bus and car are the only real option, unless you are ready to do fair bit of walking.

I was a bit surprised when visiting that there are no real new buildings for the school, most of public schools I visited got new building or builds constructed during 2008 GFC stimulus period, North Ryde public school is one exception by the look of it. The school got real good playgrounds and open area for the number of students enrolled.



Following are a few shots of the buildings in the North Ryde Public School, most of buildings are of similar type and look. There are plenty of space in the school in comparison to most I have visited and with the increase population and demand, I would not be surprised with a future expansion and new permanent and temp buildings to be put in.

IMG_20150815_133912807_HDR IMG_20150815_133518743_HDR

As usual contact the school in question or department of education for the final confirmation and you can also access the full catchment map by following this link.