Mid Life Upgrade for Sydney Public School Map

This is a bit off topic, I am sharing the things that I have learned while doing mapping using Google map.

The default marker is monstrously big and it is fine when you only have a few of them. However if you like me already up to around 600 and will going up more in the future. The map when zoomed became a bit of a mess. The default market is not only just 32 by 32 pixel, the shape of it also make it rather large.

If you export the map into kml and look at the actual file, you will notice that bits look like following


<hotSpot x=’16’ y=’31’ xunits=’pixels’ yunits=’insetPixels’>

The url is what marker graphic will be used, there are a lot of them available, the default one is 32 by 32 pixel which is in my view really too big for a lot of applications.

Here is a smaller sized red circle marker


I started using the new marker, however the marker does not stay in the same spot on different level of zoom. Same does not seem to apply with the default market. After a bit of research, look like the market need to be “anchored” to fix this issue. Then it is off to more “research” which is really google searches. I finally find the answer, it is the

<hotSpot x=’16’ y=’31’ xunits=’pixels’ yunits=’insetPixels’>

The kml exported by default uses pixels and it is for the 32 by 32 pixels marker, so when you use a smaller marker you will the markers moving when zooming. The easiest solution I find is just change to use fraction in the hotspot tag as following.

<hotSpot x=’0.5′ y=’0.5′ xunits=’fraction’ yunits=’fraction’>

So after a couple hours of work, now I finally got rid of that gigantic default markers. Enjoy the new mid life upgraded Sydney Public School full catchment map by following this link.

《Mid Life Upgrade for Sydney Public School Map》有2个想法

  1. Hi
    Thank you for taking the time to do this for parents like who are looking for a home to buy and are confused about where to buy if the school in the address catchment area isn’t as good as what you expect.
    I missed out on a home in that catchment area for Thomas St picnic point.
    What schools would you recommend for Revesby, Panania, East hills and Padstow area.

    I hope you can shed some light into my problem.

    Thank you

    1. Hi,

      I am not very familiar with that particular area, so lack the personal touch on the information bits. Looking at the NAPLAN result, Picnic Point Public School is by far the best in that particular area. This is followed by Padstow North and Panania Public School which is about slightly above average. Then you get Padstow Height and Panania North Public school which is about average. The rest are all below average performance Australian wide in comparison, some are very much so. I won’t speculate why that is the case, I do not know enough about the area to do so. You can find the detailed stats on the myschool website.

      BTW, I always use my as a reference only and always contact the school in question or Department of Education for final confirmation. Best of luck on finding the property you love.


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