Engadine, Engadine West, Heathcote, Heathcote East, Loftus, Marton and Yarrawarra Public School Catchment Map Added

The final seven school for shire district added, southern Sydney is finally done. /dance, /sing whatever and I am so excited about this. Now have to decide which region to move back into after this, this has been fun so far and I really appreciate your guys going alone on this trip with me.

  • Engadine Public School
  • Engadine West Public School
  • Heathcote Public School
  • Heathcote East Public School
  • Loftus Public School
  • Marton Public School
  • Yarrawarra Public School

As usual contact the school in question for the final confirmation and you can also access the full catchment map by following this link.

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