2023 Carlingford Public School Catchment Update

Today, I will go over Carlingford Public School and its new catchment for 2023. It has given up a portion of its existing catchment on the northeast to the Epping West Public School in 2023. It will give the southeast corner of its catchment to the newly established Epping South Public School in 2023.

I had a look at the map, it seems that the area Carlingford Public School is giving up in 2023 are all low-density dwellings so it should only have a limited reduction in enrolment number next year. The transfer to Epping West Public School is likely to be a very popular and potentially very profitable one as well for the residents involved.

Please note the green-striped areas are what will be transferred away from Carlingford Public School to Epping West Public School in 2023. The yellow-striped areas are what will be transferred away from Carlingford Public School to Epping South Public School in 2023. The black border is the 2023 catchment boundary and the red is the 2022 boundary.

Carlingford Public School Catchment Map 2023

The most common name used by the NSW Department of Education is called “catchment” which refers to those students who reside in a particular area who are guaranteed a position in specific schools. When discussed from the perspective of a particular school is often referred to as one of the following terms.

  • School Zone
  • School intake area
  • School catchment

As usual contact the school in question or the Department of Education for the final confirmation and you can also access the full NSW and Sydney Primary School Catchment Map by following this link.

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One thought on “2023 Carlingford Public School Catchment Update”

  1. Thanks for this post, wouldn’t have known about these changes. Now that Carlingford Public has more capacity, I wonder if it will be a matter of time it will take in parts of Carlingford West Public.

    Geographically, it seems east of Jenkins Road between Vickery Avenue and Pennant Hill Road is a logical change, there are a number of high rises along Thallon Street and James Street, so it will make a difference. There is a substation and a large reserve west of Jenkins Road, so it wouldn’t make sense to extend further out west.

    That said, a very large development is happening north of Pennant Hills Road, between Janell Crescent and Marsden Road, which falls within Carlingford Public’s catchment, maybe they need to plan for that one.

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