2022 ACT, Canberra Priority Enrolment Area For Primary Schools

There is a fair number of changes to the priority enrolment area for ACT primary schools for 2022. First, there are two new primary schools established as follows.

Franklin Primary School use to be an infant school catering up to year 2. In 2022 it has been confirmed as full primary school covering all year range.

Throsby Primary School has taken over the southern part of Forde from Neville Bonner Primary School. Also, it shares Gungahlin with Harrison Primary School. The green striped part is an exclusive priority enrolment area for Throsby Primary School. The red striped area is shared with Harrison Primary School.

Ainslie Primary school’s priority enrolment area has been expanded. All existing priority enrolment area of North Ainslie Primary School and the entire suburb of Waston is now part of the shared priority enrolment area of Ainslie Primary School in 2022.

The green striped area is the existing 2021 priority enrolment area and the red striped area is now shared priority enrolment area added to the Ainslie Primary School in 2022.

The entire suburb of Casey is no longer a shared priority enrolment area for Margaret Hendry School, it is now exclusively part of the priority enrolment area for Gold Creek Primary School. The red striped area is what got transferred in 2022.

Evelyn Scott School has expanded its priority enrolment area in 2022 to include the suburb of Molonglo and Whitlam. These are shown in the red-striped area in the below screenshot.

Part of West Gungahlin and of Ngunnawal suburb is no longer part of the Palmerston District Primary School priority enrolment area. The red-striped area is the area that is affected in 2022.

As usual contact the school in question or the Department of Education for the final confirmation and you can also access the full ACT Public School Priority Enrolment Area (Catchment) Map by following this link.

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