2022 Mckinnon Secondary College School Zone Update

Mckinnon Secondary College school zone will be expanded in 2022 to its northeast corner at the expense of nearby schools.

Most of the area that is in the middle of the transferred zone to Mckinnon Secondary College in 2022 comes from Bentleigh Secondary College, a smaller segment in the east came from south Oakleigh Secondary College. There is another very small part from the west of the transferred zone that will be transferred from Glen Eira College.

The red striped area is what will be transferred to Mckinnon Secondary College in 2022. The red borders are the 2021 and the black borders are the 2022 school zone borders.

Mckinnon Secondary College School Zone

维多利亚州教育局使用的专有名称称为“指定的邻里学校 (Designated neighbourhood school)”,这是为该学校划分的特定学区。学区在英语中可能以下面的术语来表达。

  • Designated neighbourhood zone
  • Designated neighbourhood boundary
  • Neighbourhood zone
  • School Zone
  • School intake area
  • School catchment

For the final confirmation please contact the school in question. You can also find the full Melbourne, Victoria public school zone map by clicking on the link.


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