Speculation Of Primary Catchment For The New Primary School At Macquarie Park Education Precinct

Looking at the proposed location of the new Macquarie Park Education Precinct and the catchment of existing nearby primary schools, we can start to speculate the possible catchment for the new primary school.

Given that the NSW Department of Education likes to conform to the major separating features like rivers, parks, and major roads, this means it most likely will be the area bounded by Lane Cove river and Epping Road.

The most likely impacted schools are North Ryde and Truscott Street Public School. Kent Road Public School is also likely affected as well. Changes to catchment of these existing catchment will also likely resulting in changes to the other neighbouring public schools to the south as well.

There is a massive amount of newly build large apartment buildings around the Macquarie shopping center, so a new school is sorely needed.


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