2022 Killara High School Catchment Map Update

Killara High School catchment actually will expand fairly significantly in 2022. The area around the Lindfield railway station that is currently part of Chatswood High School catchment will be transferred to Killara High School.

This area actually got a lot of medium to high-density buildings, so the population density is pretty high. I am actually a little surprised this particular transfer happened due to the historical enrolment pressure on the Killara High School.

I did visit Killara High School a couple of times in the last few years, it has pretty good facilities for public school standard. All the ones I have seen and being inside are fairly modern and in good condition. I only saw a couple of demountable classrooms which are a pretty common sight in many other NSW schools.

Please note the red-striped areas are what will be transferred away from Chatswood High School to Killara High School in 2022. The black border is the 2022 catchment boundary and the red is the 2021 boundary.

2022 Killara High School Catchment Map

The most common name used by the NSW Department of Education is called “catchment” which refers to those students who reside in a particular area who are guaranteed a position in specific schools. When discussed from the perspective of a particular school is often referred to as one of the following terms.

  • School Zone
  • School intake area
  • School catchment

As usual contact the school in question or the Department of Education for the final confirmation and you can also access the full 悉尼高中学区地图 通过点击此链接。


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